Despcritive Test : Sample Essay  for NICL AO Mains 2017

Dear Banking Aspirant ,

                               Descriptive tests cannot be taken lightly as it is of qualifying in nature and a candidate have to clear this section to crack into the interview process. We have come up with a descriptive test topic for the upcoming exams like NICL AO 2017 mains , Do take a look at it.

Whether Sales of only Electric cars in India by 2030 feasible ?

                                  The exasperated looks on the faces of people in the country’s capital bestowed the precise answer of the pollution level. The recent statements by The Coal & Mines minister gives a hint that all the fueled cars will be eliminated within 2030. The world is moving forward to embrace the vast presence of renewable energy resources , Since the fossils fuels which are the substantial source of producing fuel is getting depleted at a unpredicted rate. Also the environmental hazards happening due to the fuel combustion and also due to the drastic globalization have instigated further fear in the minds of the people.

                          The chances of relying fully on Electric cars is still unpredictable , as the manufacturing of those cars are not happening at a full swing. These businesses have had to embrace full support from the government. The are meager number of electric automobile manufacturers and the pioneer in the field “Tesla” have thrashed the hopes of bringing their variants to our country due to heavy import taxes of parts. The existing production level in India doesn’t even accounts to a 1% production and the manufacturers are finding it difficult to procure the parts for the manufacturing process. Importing the parts is the only option but the taxes are priced at sky level , so the manufacturers are afraid to try this approach.

                  The merits of using electric cars are high. It will drastically reduce the pollution level and also our dependence on the fossil fuels. There are not only many limitations but also humongous queries regarding the process. Till now our country have been relying only on fossil fuels and there comes a large demand for the charging stations which is not even in the sight. Even if the idea of altering the existing fuel stations into charge stations is a good option for the government. The next big question is the price of the charging batteries and the time taken to charge it is high. So it has to be done in a short time.

Even though there are multiple hindrance to the full electrification of the automobile category , especially cars. The changes it brings to the existing ecosystem is immense. The government has to find steps to eliminate the shortcomings of the manufacturing process and also should help the manufacturers in a large way to help to achieve this feat. If government is tenacious in making electric cars production to 100% instead of fuel aggravated cars , this is achievable.