India’s Rankings  in various index

We try to remember only India rank in various global indexes but knowing which is at no. is also important.

SI.No Indexes India’Rank Top Countries
1 Ease of Doing Business Index


130th Newzealand followed by Singapore, Denmark
2 Foreign Direct Investment (FDI) 2016 10th USA, followed by HongKong, China
3 Global Competitiveness Index 2016 39th Switzerland, followed by followed by Singapore,USA
4 Good Country Index 2015 70th Sweden, followed by Denmark, Netherland
5 Global Human Capital Report 2016 105th Finland, followed by Norway, Switzerland
6 Global Hunger Index 2016 97th Argentina, followed by  Bosnia,and Hezegovina and Switzerland
7 Global Innovation Index 2016 66th Switzerland, followed by Sweden, UK
8 Global Peace Index (GPI) 2016 141st Iceland, followed by Denmark, Austria
9 Global Slavery Index 4th North Korea , followed by Uzbekistan, Cambodia
10 Global Talent Competitiveness Index 2016 89th Switzerland, Singapore , and Luxemberg
11 Intellectual Property Index 2016 37th The USA, followed by UK, Germany
12 Logistics Performance Index 2016 35th Germany Followed by Luxemberg and Sweden
13 Sustainable Development Goal Index 2016 110th Sweden, Followed by Denmark and Norway
14 World Economic Freedom Index 2016 112th Hongkong Followed by Singapore and New Zealand
15 World Happiness Index 2016 118th Denmark Followed by Switzerland and Iceland
16 World Press Freedom Index 2016 133rd Finland, Followed by Netherlands and Norway
17 Wealthiest Report 2016 7th USA Followed by China and Japan


World Risk Index 2016 77th The Island State of Vanuata Followed by  Tonga and Phillipines