In the End – Only Victory matters

Dear Bankersdaily Aspirant,

Everyone while joining a race wishes to step on the winner’s podium at the end of the race, but there are only three places in a podium and still only the person stepping on the No.1 place is remembered for his endurance and achievement thereafter. But you may have a difference of opinion here, but still the truth is that only Winners are remembered. I was skeptical about the title while adding the term “Victory” to it rather than victors or winners.

How many of us remember Buzz Aldrin? To those who don’t know who he is let me remind you of the historic feat that Mankind has been proud of ever since – The Landing of Humans on the Moon in July 1969 in the Apollo 11 mission. It was Neil Armstrong, the first man on Moon to utter those famous verses of “giant leap for mankind” and the cynosure of Space talks in the years to come. But do you know Buzz Aldrin was the second man to walk on the Moon and the first man to take a selfie in the space? Apollo 11 was a 3 member crew which also included another Astronaut Michael Collins. But still Neil Armstrong is remembered for eternity and NOT BUZZ ALDRIN. Many criticize the South African cricket team nicknaming them as “Chokers” for their inability to break the jinx that has befallen them from winning a World Cup making their fans wish that One day SA will win a Cricket World Cup a fantasy dream. But no one fails to remember the efforts of Australia claiming their superiority over the World Cup year after year.

The above examples were only one of the many stories where victors are hailed while second comers and the losers are forgotten.  Although the ones who failed to clinch the limelight as winners has one particular thing that the winners don’t have a chance to learn what they missed or hindered them from winning. They can practice more and steer hard to attain a position on the center podium. Perseverance will make them stride towards their uphill battle.

Failures do tend to dampen our hopes and make us feel crestfallen. Failures make our hard work look like it’s nothing. Failures sometimes break our spirits. Failures make us look small in front of the winners.

But failures do have a special ability within itself. Failure is like a double edged word where we can fall into despair and depression after it or choose the way of persevering our way into victory in the coming times. Failures teach us what best teachers cannot teach us – the art of perseverance. The ability to persevere inspite of failures tackling us is the one quality that failure teaches us. It also teaches us to notice the reasons that lead to our failures.

The past exam failures will sure be a dent in any aspirant’s dream run and preparations. But make sure that erstwhile exam failures don’t throw cold waters onto your preparations. Impediments are sure to clog your minds thinking of the quondam exam failures.

Remember Sachin didn’t score centuries starting from his first match and failures didn’t deter him from making him a Demi-God in the vast cricket worshipping country.  Constant preparations, writing mocks prepares us for our uphill battle – the upcoming Exams. Brush aside the negativities that surround yourselves with soaring confidence inculcating in you the spirit of winning this time. Remember the famous saying “Hope for the Best & Prepare for the worst” always. This would help you in filling your minds with all the necessary confidence in taking the upcoming exam.

And lastly “Only Victory Matters – In the End” and let this preparations lead you to be the victor in the upcoming exams making you to stand in the podiums. We wish you could take inspirations from these and could steer your preparations without thinking about the past failures and excel in the forthcoming examinations.