Essay Writing :

Consolidation of Small Banks and their Implications on Work Force

Dear Bankers daily Aspirant,

SBI PO, BOB PO examinations are approaching nearer. Essay writing is also the deciding factor if you have cleared the objective test in Mains Examination.

The Main thing to write an essay on any topic is, you need to have enough knowledge on the topic. For that you have to update yourself with newspapers regularly. Else, as of Now prepare the topics what we have provided

While writing an essay, its essential to write an essay with your own Words. So Read as much as you can and try to write the same topic what you have read with your own words.

Do segregate an essay into three parts..

Part 1: Introduction – 50 words

Part 2: Main Part – 150 words

Part 3 : Conclusion – 50 Words.

If you have framed an essay into three parts, then it will be much good to see  and read so thet you can score good marks.

Before writing an Essay, think about few minutes to make small points and then elaborate them. Practice everyday with one topic. Surely you can score good in the Exams.

We have Provided an Essay topic : Consolidation of Small Banks and their Implications on Work Force. 

Word Limit : 50 Words

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