Expected Cut Off Marks of IBPS RRB SCALE I OFFICER prelims 2017

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The most expected exam of the year IBPS RRB 2017 has arrived and the first day of the exam is over and as you all know the exam was easy when compared with last year. The first day of the exam which happened on 9th September was surely an eye turner and all the five slots of the exam are similar and the only the level of difficulty of the questions varied in each slot. Candidates who have practiced more would have tried at least 60 questions and more in the exams.

Time was the only constrain for many candidates , other than that the candidates have found the questions to be easier. We have posted the review of the slots of the exam of IBPS RRB Scale I Officer Prelims 2017 and also the questions asked in the exams and the analysis of every slot. Read the posts , if you wish to get an insight about the exam in detail. This will be an eye opener for many and also will help you to enhance the other sections in which you are not familiar.

We have updated the review of all the slots like slot 1, slot 2, slot 3, slot 4 and also the questions asked for the slots in a separate post. If you haven’t checked that, please find the updated posts of all the slots in the given links below.


We have conducted a poll for the Day 1 of all the slots and we have obtained feedbacks from all the candidates and surprisingly the data we have obtained is entirely different from what we have heard. Yes you heard that right , it was surprising for the fact that many have attended 50+ Questions Even though many candidates have gave us the feedback in messages that they were able to do only less number of problems.

How many questions have you attempted in IBPS RRB Prelims 2017.
No.of Attempts Percentage
Below 30 5
31-40 17
41-50 33
51-60 29
61-70 9
Above 70 5
Other 1


If you look at the table above , the number of candidates who attempted upto 60 was 29 percentage and also the maximum percentage was for the 41-50 category. Surprisingly many candidates have attended in the range of 31-40 and when consider with that the 61-70 category, it was way less when compared to the top one.

If you keep an close look on the table , the predominant section falls in the 31-50. Even though candidates have prepared well , the time is one such thing which determine the number of questions attended. Also the questions which are attended first determines the total number of questions attended.

Please take a look at the infograph of the above table , which will give an insight into the overall percentage of total number of questions asked and answered.

Info graphic view of how many questions have you attempted in IBPS RRB Prelims 2017



Since many of the candidates have attended more number of questions that is in the range of 41-50 and since the questions were also even in the easier range, we expect the cutoff to be higher than the previous years. So we expect that the cutoff to be not in the safe zone. You can take a look at the previous year cutoff to even have a better knowledge about the cutoff of the IBPS RRB Scale I Officers.

REASONING 40 15.00 10.75 10.75
QUANTITATIVE 40 12.25 8.50 8.50


This year we can expect the cutoff to be in the range of 50-55 and this can have a variations of + or – 2 marks in the overall one. Note that since the questions were in the easier range and many have been in the 40-50 category range , we expect this year’s cutoff to be in the this range and this can take a change since the cutoff marks are taken in the normalized manner , this can take a turn in the forthcoming days.

Those who have attended less number of questions , you know that this number of questions is not sufficient for this to be in this competitive world, so practice more mock tests , because to get accustomed to the exam situation and also to the time management , you have to practice more. It will also give you an edge over others because not everyone focuses on the overall tests and this will give you an upper hand. We will also update the reviews and analysis of IBPS RRB SCALE I OFICERS of day 2 and day 3 prelims examination in the forthcoming days. Keep an eye on the updates.

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