Get 5 LVB PO 2019 – Online Mock Test Series

Dear Bankersdaily Aspirants,

Getting into the Banking Sector is one of the dreams for many aspirants. LVB (Lakshmi Vilas Bank) which have significant presence as a Private Bank in Tamil Nadu will conduct the LVB PO 2019 Exam on 20th January 2019.

Becoming a Banker is one of the dream destinations for many aspirants. Aspirants who are preparing for the Banking Exam should try the this LVB PO 2019 as the perks and allowances are on par with the other banks.

This LVB PO 2019 has a different exam pattern when compared to the other exams. So the complexity made by the Different exam pattern combined the enormous amount of aspirants appearing for the LVB PO 2019 Exam makes it one of the important exams in this 2019.

Totally 150 Questions has to be attended in 90 Minutes, so this must be the real cracker of the exams. 

As said this Exam is totally different from the other Exams like IBPS Exams, SBI Exams and Insurance Exams. 

So students should do repeated exams to strike this exam pattern and this LVB PO 2019 Exam – Online Mock Test Series will help you to crack the 1st phase of the Exam. 

Also note that this is the first recruitment which starts the Exam season of 2019. So this LVB PO 2019 gains the much needed attention.


Exam Pattern of LVB PO 2019

Total Minutes : 90 Minutes

S.No Test Subject Number of Questions
1 Numerical Ability 20
2 Analytical Ability 20
3 Verbal Ability 30
4 Computer Awareness / Digital Awareness 10
5 Banking Awareness 40
6 General Knowledge 30
Total 150

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