General Awareness Questions asked in Canara Bank PO – PGDBF Exam 2018


Dear Banking Aspirants,

The Canara Bank PO – PGDBF Exam 2018 happened yesterday and aspirants are thronging us with questions about the General Awareness , Banking Awareness and Financial Awareness questions which are asked in the Canara Bank PO – PGDBF Exam 2018.

We have also provided the Review of the Canara Bank PO – PGDBF Exam 2018 in our Bankersdaily webiste and the review and the suggestions from the aspirants say that the exam was in the moderate range. The second batch questions were realtively tough when compared to the previous batch exams. So as suggested by the experts from our team , the aspirants who have attempted more than 120 Questions with correct accurate answers will go to the next level of the Canara Bank PO PGDBF Exam 2018. So if you are one with exact accuracy as said with the above questions , you should start your preparations now.

Aspirants can check the General Awareness Questions asked in the Canara Bank PO Exam – PGDBF – 2018 from the list provided below.

General Awareness Questions asked in the Canara Bank PO Exam – PGDBF 2018

  1. Where is Ajanta Cave Temple situated?
  2. Who is the author of “Unstoppable – My Life So far”? Maria Sharapova
  3. Where is Balpakram National Park situated? Meghalaya
  4. Which country will host the Women’s World Cup T20? West Indies
  5. What is the Expansion of M in the abbreviation of MSF? Marginal
  6. What is the Theme of the National Voters Day which is celebrated on January 25 every year? Accessible Elections
  7. Which of the following cannot be processed in Small Finance Bank & Payments Bank? Term Deposit
  8. What is the maximum limit of BSBDA – Basic Saving Bank Deposit Account? 1 Lakh
  9. Supriya Devi is related to which field? Cinema
  10. Where is JSCA International Stadium Complex located? Ranchi
  11. Which of the following is not a member of BIMSTEC?
  12. Who won the ICC Cricketer of the Year Award? Virat Kohli
  13. What is the motif printed in the Rs.50 note? Hampi with chariot
  14. Who is the cricketer who won the Padma Bhushan Award for 2018? Mahendra Singh Dhoni
  15. What is the expansion of “I” in IDFC Bank? Infrastructure

(The full expansion of IDFC is “Infrastructure Development Finance Company)

  1. What is the Size of Rs.10 note? 123mm*63mm
  2. Which event is celebrated on 3rd March f every year? World Wildlife Day
  3. On which River Bank, the Badrinath Temple is located? Alaknada River
  4. In which State Chamera Power station 3 is located? Himachal Pradesh
  5. What is the capital of Nagalnd? Kohima
  6. Citibank Headquarters is located in? New York (USA)
  7. Paytm has partnered with which bank for Fixed Term Deposits? IndusInd bank
  8. What amount should be paid to the PMJJY? Rs.330
  9. Who is the author of the famous Autobiography “Imperfect”? Sanjay Manjrekar
  10. In which state Chinnar Wildlife Sanctuary is located? Kerala
  11. When is the World Radio Day Celebrated? 13th February
  12. Which country holds the maximum FDI in INDIA? Mauritius
  13. Who is the president of Liberia and he is also a past footballer? George Weah
  14. Name the river which is on the end of Taj Mahal? River Yamuna
  15. Which of the following cannot be given by Payments Bank? Credit Card
  16. What is the Expansion of D in MDR? Discount (Marginal Discount Rate)
  17. ‘Naseem Al Bahr’ is a Naval Exercise between which two countries? Indian & Oman
  18. Which City will host the first ever youth film festival of European Nations? New Delhi
  19. What is the Expansion of “L” in NCLT? Law (National Company Law Tribunal)
  20. The Himalayan Hydro Expo 2018 will be held in? Kathmandu, Nepal
  21. What is the motive of Blue Flag Project which is released by the Environment Ministry? Clean Up of Beach
  22. What is the expansion of “S” in SWIFT? – Society (Society for Worldwide Interbank Financial Telecommunication)
  23. What is the Expansion of “C” in CRR? Cash (Cash Reserve Ratio)
  24. Which country is the top borrower in AIIB? India
  25. Anchal Thakur belongs to which sport? Skiing
  26. Somasila Dam is in which state? Andhra Pradesh

There were no questions from the recent Economic Survey of India and Budget 2018 – 2019, although it was the widely expected questions for this exam.

Aspirants can check the review of the Canara bank PO Exam – PGDBF 2018 from the link that is provided below. 

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