General Awareness Questions asked in

BOB PO – May 27, 2017

1) Manas wildlife Sanctuary situated in which of the following India State ?


2) Payzapp application launched by which of the Private Sector Bank ?


3) Whta is the size of Rs.2000 Note?

Width – 166 mm

Hight – 66 mm

4) Which day is celebrated on 25th April ?

National DNA Day

5) Indian overseas bank headquarter located in which of the following citie?


6) Kuchipudi is the classical dance of which Indian State ?

Andhra Pradesh

7) LIME app is launced by which of the following Bank?

Axis Bank

8) What does CNP stand for ?

Certified Nurse Practitioner

9) What is the full form of APBS ?

 Aadhar Payment Bridge System

10) How much is the allocation fund for NABARD in Union Budget

1, 87, 223