General Awareness Questions asked in KVB PO 2017

Courtesy : Praveenkumar

1. ARC fixed to 100 crores from what amount??

2 crores                       

2. Dudhwa national park is located in which state??

Uttar pradesh                       

3. C meaning in PCA?

Action (prompt corrective action)

4. F abbreviation in JLF?

Joint lenders Forum                       

5. Abbreviation of A in IBA?

Indian bankers association                       

6. Rbi gave guidelines for NBFCs to give gold loans as cash up to how much amount?

Rs 20000                       

7. World book capital for the year 2019?




8. IDBI head quarters?


9. ESAC small finance bank headquarters?

Thrissur, keral                       

10. 12th G20 summit held in which place?

Hamberg, germany                       

11. $250million for Skill India program assisted by which firm?

World Bank                       

12. India contribution for UN peace building fund?


13. Best  movie awarded?


14. UPI is launched by NPCI and is maintained by?


15. ATMs interconnecting to facilitate convenience banking developed by IDRBT is largest network through?

NFS (national financial switch)

16. India signed 11 MOUs including space alliance with which country?


17. UN public service award for asia Pacific for kanyashree prakalpa was awarded to which state?

West bengal

18. July 28th is celebrated as ?

World Hepatitis day

19. NASA send micro satellite into space weighing 64gms was developed by an young scientist from which state?


20. Monetary policy based MCQ.

21. Mahabodhi is located in which state?


22. Basel head quarter?


23. Desh bandhu gupta who passed away recently was?

Cmd of lupin pharmaceuticals

24. World taekwondo game belongs to which country –


25. Singh deshwal is –


26. In MUDRA 1.8 cr –

70% beneficiary are women

27. Archies Agreement –


28. In White Label ATM-

2/3rd of its ATM in Tier 3, 4

29. Cheque Comes Under –

Sec 6, 1881 NI Act

30) Asian Athletic Championship held in which state?


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