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Hope you are preparing well for your RRB ALP & TECHNICIAN recruitment 2018 which is going to be held in the month of April/May of this year 2018.The Indian Railways has finally released the official notification announcing the Assistant Loco Pilot (ALP) & Technicians Recruitment. In the year 2018, Railways Recruitment Board or RRB will be recruiting to fill 26,502 vacancies for ALP and Technicians. This is a golden chance to grab a well secured job in the Indian Railways.

So its time for you people to boost your preparation to get a secured job in RRB as ALP & TECHNICIAN. Here are some important questions in Biology which will help to boost your preparation.

RRB ALP & TECHNICIAN recruitment 2018 Day-2

No.of Questions: 10

Timing: 5 minutes

Your time starts now

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1) ______ is a substance which cannot be split up into two or more simpler substances by the usual chemical methods of applying heat, light or electric energy.

a) Metalloids

b) Matter

c) Mixtures

d) Metals

e) Elements

2) A metal is an element that is malleable and ductile and conducts______

a) Heat

b) Electricity

c) Light

d) All of the above

e) None of these

3) _________ is an element that is neither malleable nor ductile and does not conduct electricity.

a) Liquid

b) Water

c) Non-metals

d) Metals

e) Mixtures

4) Which among the following is the example of Metalloids?

a) Boron

b) Silicon

c) Germanium

d) All of the above

e) None of these

5) A ______ is a substance which consists of two or more elements or compounds not chemically combined together.

a) Metals

b) Mixtures

c) Non-Metals

d) Electrons

e) Matter

6) The mixtures in which the substances are completely mixed together and are indistinguishable from one another are called_______

a) Soluble Mixture

b) Insoluble Mixture

c) Heterogeneous Mixture

d) Homogeneous Mixture

e) None of these

7) The liquid in which solute is dissolved is known as_______

a) Solvent

b) Solution

c) Acids

d) All of the above

e) None of these

8) The size of soluble particles in a solution is extremely small. It is less than _____ in diameter.

a) 4nm

b) 3nm

c) 1nm

d) 2 nm

e) 5nm

9) A _______ is a Kind of solution in which the size of solute particles is intermediate between those in true solutions and those in suspensions.


b) Colloids

c) Metalloids



10) Burning of a magnesium wire is an example of _____

a) Colloids

b) Physical Changes

c) Chemical changes

d) Metalloids

e) None of these.

  Answer Keys

1) e) Elements

2) e) None of these

3) c) Non-metals

4) d) All of the above

5) b) Mixtures

6) c) Heterogeneous Mixture

7) a) Solvent

8) c) 1nm

9) b) Colloids

10) c) Chemical changes

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