Goa Maritime Conclave

The Goa Maritime Conclave (GMC) was conducted at Naval War College (NWC), Goa from 01 November to 02 November 2017.

The theme of GMS was “Addressing Regional Maritime Challenges”.

GMC participants included representatives from

Maldives Sri Lanka
Bangladesh Myanmar
Thailand Indonesia
Singapore Malaysia
Seychelles Mauritius


India’s vision   of SAGAR for the region entails advancing cooperation and using our capabilities for larger benefits.

The vision has following four key elements:-

(i) To safeguard our mainland and islands, defend our interests, ensure a safe secure and stable Indian Ocean, and make available our capabilities to others; (ii) Deepen economic and security cooperation with our maritime neighbours and strengthen their capacities;

(iii) Envisage Collective action and cooperation to advance peace and security and respond to emergencies; and

(iv) Seek a more integrated and cooperative future for the region that enhances sustainable development.

As a part of maritime security cooperative mechanism, White Shipping Agreements have been signed with a number of countries.  Besides, Indian Coast Guard has signed Memorandum of Understanding with Japan, Korea, Bangladesh, Pakistan, Oman and Vietnam in the field of Search & Rescue and Maritime Law Enforcement.

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