IBPS PO Mains 2016 : Score Analysis

Hi guys, You have once again done it and made RACE very proud. The IBPS PO Mains marks for interview candidates are out. Not surprisingly many have scored very well. But a few are anxiously facing the the million dollar question whether this mark is good or atleast enough. An analysis of past results of IBPS provides a basis for reasonable anticipation of a positive result. On this ground it can safely be expected, that like in the past, all those who have scored 125% of the overall cutoff for their  respective  categories would be successful with a mere pass in the interview.

For a 52.5 cutoff for OBC for this year those who have scored over 70 have to wait only for the suspense of choice bank for posting. Above 80 are almost sure to get their first choice.  Obviously the anxiety should be high for those in the range of 60 to 65. A good performance in the interview, say, above 65% should earn them a berth. Between 65 and 70, a mark between 55 and 60% in the interview is good enough.

It is only those in the range of 52.5 to 60 should really be keeping their fingers crossed. An outstanding performance in the interview should bring them a pleasant surprise.

For SC the cutoff is 41.25. The above discussion for OBC should equally be true with a 10 mark deduction from respective ranges.Normally the difference between OBC and OC is 2 or 3 for the respective levels.

The above analysis is conservative and it would not be out of place to expect a surprisingly lower levels than what is predicted in the foregoing analysis.