How do I crack the cutoff marks in English section in IBPS PO 2017

Dear Bankersdaily Aspirant ,

The aspirants are awaiting the notifications of the IBPS RRB and PO notifications eagerly and you can the expect the same soon. Don not believe the rumors about the notifications which is going around the various social media sites and blogs.

So the exams are around the corner and we hope you have started the preparations for the exam. If not start your preparations immediately , otherwise the place mentioned in the vacancies will be taken by the aspirant who have put real efforts. We have already started a series for the IBPS exam and you can check the same in the link. Click here to know more about the IBPS PO Planner.

English the section that instills fears in the minds of the aspirants who fear that section. A fear can destabilize your preparations and it can even make your score less. So brace yourselves and make your preparations accordingly. Here we have come up with an intention to make a clear description about the exams and also the easiest way to crack the English section.

If you have done a profound research on the English Section , you would have not got the fear. So coming directly to the core, the cutoff marks for the English section have never crossed 10 marks. This holds true even for the mains examination and so a preparation with the correct strategy will easily make you to cross the cutoff in this section.

So what else you need , a correct strategy, we have heard your requests and here it is , the ways to easily score above the cutoff marks. Follow the steps mentioned below to easily crack the English section and you could score above the required cutoff marks.

Topics asked in the English Section in IBPS PO :

  • Reading Comprehension
  • Cloze Test
  • Spotting The Errors
  • Sentence Rearrangement
  • Sentence Improvement
  • Double Fillers
  • Paragraph Completion
  • Jumbled sentences (Full Arrangement ,First & Last Given,Arrangement have a odd sentence )
  • Compound Sentences

Strategy to crack the English section Cut Off marks in IBPS PO Prelims :

The English section consists of 30 questions and provides 30 marks in the preliminary examination. Do remember there is negative marks of -0.25 for every wrong answers that you have marked. So if you are a aspirant who wish to ride with a luck , the chances of finishing with success is extremely low.

So be confident in your preparation and device a strategy in way that you answer the questions which you are fully confident. Also attend wisely and allocate sufficient time for English section. Many aspirants give only meager time for this section and regret for not giving sufficient time if the result is the opposite. So don not do that mistake, act wisely.

  • Attend the Cloze Test first , because the amount of time to determine the answer will be less and also if you can crack this part in less time and if the answers are accurate you may obtain the essential marks required for the cutoff from this section itself.
  • To ace the cloze test , you should have the ability to choose the accurate word. So read more which will eventually help in cracking the reading comprehension too.
  • The next part which you can try is Sentence correction and double fillers or fill in the blanks and Spotting the Errors. This part needs you to know the basic grammatical rules. Make sure you have an expertise in all the rules and moreover practice more questions.
  • Paragraph Completion and Sentence Improvement will be the next choice , so to ace this section , as already told , you need to read more which will give you an insight about the sentence completion. Also basics of Grammar helps you a lot.
  • Attend the above said topics first , because if you have devised a strategy to score more within less time , then you should attend the questions which are very easy( You can always expect Easy – Moderate range of questions in these sections ).
  • The next topic is Reading Comprehension , also in this part the questions asked will be direct. There can be reading comprehension based on Stories , Economics or even topics based. If it is a story based one , you can easily clear the section with the help of this section alone.
  • Most of the time , the questions asked in this section is very easy and almost direct. There may 2-3 hard questions and it may be confusing. So apart from that this section will make you to stand apart in the cutoff marks.
  • Sentence Rearrangement – Make this topic as your last choice because the questions asked in this part are time consuming and a little confusing. Remember you have allocated a time to finish this part. Sentence connection is the most difficult one and make your choice on that part.

As said above , you only need a meager mark to cross the preliminary exam and it will not be too high. So make your strategy in such a way that you would be able to cross the preliminary exam with the required cutoff. Also do remember , you can always comeback to a question. Don’t waste time in a question trying to crack. This is an competitive exam , so time factor plays an important role in your strategy.

We hope you will devise a strategy which would suit according to the time needed to crack this part.

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