How to Attend Bankersdaily Test Series / TESTS?


Dear Aspirants,

Aspirants who are preparing for Banking, SSC, TNPSC and other PSC Exams would likely be attracted to write a greater number of tests as competitive exams these days demand this.

So, aspirants tend to search for websites that are providing Mock tests for Banking, SSC, TNPSC and others PSC Exams.

Thanks for choosing Bankersdaily Testpress and we appreciate your dedication in your preparations.

Many of the applicants/aspirants were asking questions which include.

  1. How to buy Test Series in Bankersdaily Testpress?
  2. How to attend Test Series in Bankersdaily Testpress?
  3. Whom should I contact, if there are any issues?

We would like to elucidate and educate the aspirants about these questions in this post.

How to buy Test Series in Bankersdaily Testpress?

Follow these procedures to buy test series for Banking, SSC, TNPSC and other PSC Exams in Bankersdaily Testpress.

  1. On, going to aspirants will see the store where they will get to see the various courses/packages available for purchase.

Bankersdaily Test Series Home Page

  • Click the desired Course package and it will take you to the details about the course and the exams.
  • Click “BUY NOW” button on that page.

Bankersdaily Test Series BUY Page

  • The LOGIN screen of Bankersdaily Testpress appears now.
  • Aspirants can log into Bankersdaily Testpress using Google+/Facebook.

(NOTE: You are not signing up in Bankersdaily rather using social Logins, so you will not be sent any passwords and the password is same as that of Google+/Faceboook).

(Provide your Gmail ID & Password in the screen which follows & Facebook ID & Password (whichever you choose as your preference for login))

  • Bankersdaily Test Series - LOGIN - Bankersdaily You will directed to the Payment page. Use your preferred payment method.
  • Aspirants will receive an email from testpress regarding their purchase. (Please note that, if you have logged in using Facebook and haven’t provided your mail id in Facebook, then aspirants will not get an e-mail, as the data is not available to provide the details).

This is how , aspirants can buy TEST SERIES from Bankersdaily Testpress.

How to attend Test Series in Bankersdaily Testpress?

  1. Aspirants can click the above link or else use to visit the LEARN section in Bankersdaily Testpress.
  1. In “LEARNSection, aspirants will be able to see the Courses (or) Test Series which they have purchased in Bankersdaily Testpress.
  2. Aspirants will also be able to attend “FREE TESTS” which are available in the “LEARN Section” along with the purchased Tests.

(If aspirants didn’t find the tests which they have purchased in the Bankersdaily Testpress, then they have to ensure that whether they have logged into Bankersdaily Testpress with the Same Login which they have used to purchase the tests).

(NOTE: If they didn’t find the tests, aspirants can mail us at, , our team will be able to help you out ASAP).

This is a sample screen of, How the LEARN Page will look.

  • Bankersdaily "LEARN" Section - BankersdailyAspirants can choose the course which they want to attend and select it accordingly.
  • Alternately, we have introduced a new feature where aspirants can find the Courses which are available and can buy the Courses directly from the LEARN Page.
  • Enter any preferred course and Attend the Free Tests and if you are satisfied with the tests, you can purchase the other sets available to buy.

Whom should I contact, if there are any issues?

  1. If aspirants find any problems regarding Tests Series or payment issues, they can contact our team through
  2. Our Bankersdaily Team / Testpress Team will be helping you to solve the query ASAP.

 How to buy Bankersdaily Test Series in Bankersdaily App? 

 1. Download the Bankersdaily Android App from Google Play store

 2. Login Using your Google+/Facebook account.

3. Click the Hamburger Icon in the Left Corner in Bankersdaily Android App.

4. Click the ” LEARN” section on the menu to get the Courses that are available to you.

5. Click the “STORE” section to purchase the test series for your preparation.

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Aspirants can get the test packages from our Official Bankersdaily Store (

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