How to Clear bank exams : Story 4

Speed Optimization

If you the blessing of speed, nothing can stop you. Since all competitive exams are time bound you should be fast enough to solve as many problems as possible. Speed optimization is only possible when you have clear concepts and dedicated practice hours.

Question Judgement

When you first look at the question paper your job is to analyze the paper and categorize the questions. Prefer grading the questions with T, A and E. T will reflect tough questions, A will reflect average questions and E will suggest easy questions. Once the analysis is over, start with E and try to finish them off as soon as possible. Then begin with A and work dedicatedly on them. After being done with E and A, hit the T questions and try to solve them logically, if your answer is not matching with any given option, then leave the question. This will save you from negative marking.

Building confidence

Confidence in the examination hall is very important. Have confidence in your abilities and recall your strong areas. If you are feeling nervous, then simply think about the problems which you had solved previously with ease. An innovative way to build confidence is to solve the E grade questions first followed by A grade. If you can manage these two sections, you can easily manage to solve some of the T grade questions as well.

Avoiding doubtful areas

It is absolutely foolish to try something new just days before the examination. Candidates who look forward to start trigonometry just days before the actual exam end up scoring low in overall result. This is because on one hand, they are trying to understand something complex and on the other hand, they are unable to revise the existing lessons. This makes the situation worse for any candidate.

Plan for answering

Always have a plan to answer the questions. To start with select the questions which you are not going to attempt (just ignore them). Then pick the ones which you can answer easily followed by selecting the average and the tough ones. Use the given options to locate the answers in cases of quadratic equations and logical reasoning. This will give you additional time in hand. Use the same time in managing the tough questions. Do not spend more than 2 minutes on any questions while attempting them for the first time.

Maintaining composure

Do not panic while answering. If you do so, you will not be able to solve even the easy ones. Control your breathing and solve each question on the basis of its merit. Suppose you could solve one question in just 4 seconds, then use the remaining seconds in the tougher questions. Even if you are unable to solve it, then leave it and move ahead with other questions.

Vedic Math

A little knowledge of Vedic maths can do miracles for you in the examination. Multiplying and dividing big numbers can be a problem for you. But, if you have sound knowledge of Vedic Maths then you can easily manage these areas and solve the problems at a blistering pace. This is where you can gain an edge over other candidates who have appeared for the examination.

Being Optimistic

When the day of exam arrives, just relax yourself and think about good things such as your first day at college, your 18th birthday, moments spent with friends, etc. Take this exam as a routine work and do not express the feeling of being nervous. Always remember that you did your best and there is always a better tomorrow waiting for you. Enter the examination hall in a sporting spirit and be confident. In this way you can easily manage the exam in time and look forward to attempt even the toughest questions with ease.

Competitive exams are like a game of cricket. The better candidates always win, sometimes with their efforts and sometimes with their luck. However, it is you who decide your position in the winning team through your hard work, passion and determination. The syllabus is known to you and you have sufficient time to prepare for it. Invest dedicated hours in studying and the day is not far when you will have your dream Govt job knocking at your door! Best of Luck for your competitive exams.

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