IBPS RRB PO INTERVIEW 2017 – Questions asked in December 22, 2017

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The Interview Phase or the Final Phase of the IBPS RRB Scale I, II and III Officer is happening and we are providing the feedback and the questions asked in the interview instantly in our website. As you all know IBPS RRB Scale I Officer marks the start of the Exam season in the IBPS side and it is also one of the most sought exams in the competitive circle. So an intense preparation and well versed thought process is required to cross the initial stages of the exams.

Not many candidates who started their journey are present now after the hectic exams in the initial stages and now only an handful(just take the vacancies from each region) of aspirants are appearing for the interview process to prove their mettle. If this process goes well, then they can rodomontade about their preparations and ultimately, they become bankers in the RRB’s(may be Scale I , Scale II and Scale III Officers).

This Personal Interview is the final phase of the process in the IBPS RRB Scale I Officer Exams 2017. These interview experiences we provide will be efficacious for the candidates who are yet to attend their interviews and also for the candidates who missed to appear for the interview in IBPS RRB Scale I Officer in less differences. This will also give the aspirants the much needed insights about the difficulty level of the questions,, the different types of questions asked in the interview process of IBPS RRB Scale I Officer and also the other such useful information for the aspirants.

So here goes the Interview Questions asked in Various Batches in December 22, 2017. Go through these questions and find the best answers that will suit to the questions and prepare for your interview in a better way.

After all the initial procedures were over, the interview section happened. Questions were asked Bilingually and interviewee can answer in his native Language too. The Aspirants who have given their updates have mentioned that  they answered in both languages (since the interview happened in Tamilnadu, mostly Tamil and English would have been used).


Year : 2017

Date : 22nd December, 2017

Panel Number : 3

Total Number of Panelists : 5

Place of Interview : Sri Vidya College of Engineering & Technology (SVCET) – Virudhunagar

1. Self Introduction
2. Some questions about the Basic in Banking and they are listed below in a detailed manner.
( Regarding the terms like)
  • Share Market
  • Shares
  • IPO
  • Stable Economy
  • Monetary Policy
  • Value Added tax
3. Some intricate banking Process like
  • TDS

4. What do you mean by KCC

5. Since the candidate was an experienced candidate(worked in an MNC), he had questions from that particular stint like

  • The Role the candidate played in the firm
  • The importance of the Role
  • Why a shift in the career ?
  • What are the benefits of being a banker
  • How the role in the private sector could help the candidate to work efficiently in a RRB bank

6. Questions regarding Global Warming and social reforms which would cater to the improvement of the nation.

7. A question whether the candidate’s city was selected in the Smart City campaign in the list released by the Government.

8. A question regarding the social reforms and measures taken by the government in recent times.

(No Technical Questions were asked in this panel in the morning section on the particular date).


Year : 2017

Date : 22nd December, 2017

Panel Number : 5

Total Number of Panelists : 5

Place of Interview : Sri Vidya College of Engineering & Technology (SVCET) – Virudhunagar

1. Self Introduction.

2. Questions from basic banking terms like

NRI Account



Credit Limit

Different Types of Account

Different Types of Cheques

3. Since the candidate was a Agricultural graduate , the next questions were basically from agricultural side.

4. How will the candidate provide loan to the farmers (if he becomes a banker)

5. What are the procedures to be followed while providing loan facilities to the farmers ?

6. On what basis the loan should be provided ?

7. Do you have any experience in different farming techniques ?

8. A question on FRDI and to explain it in detail.

Our Bankersdaily Team has already posted about the FRDI before the interview, if you haven’t checked that please check it now from the below given links. Who knows even you can get that question in the recent IBPS RRB PO Interview.

Financial Resolution And Deposit Insurance (FRDI) Bill-2017

9. What is monetary Policy ?

10. What is Fiscal Policy ?

11. What is Islamic banking and how it is different from the present banking system ?

12. One question from the Agricultural field and the interviewers expected a detailed answer for the Hybrid Lift irrigation system.

13. Some questions about the recent current affairs like global hunger Index , Recently over U-17 Football World Cup Cup.

(No personal questions were asked for this candidate rather there were more number of subject related questions)


Year : 2017

Date : 22nd December, 2017

Panel Number : 7

Total Number of Panelists : 5

Place of Interview : Sri Vidya College of Engineering & Technology (SVCET) – Virudhunagar

This interview process is something different from the above said ones and this was unique with questions ranging from many aspects. So here goes the interview experience of the candidate and the questions.

1. Self Introduction

2. Why Monetary Policies are often changed and Why ?

3. Relation between Banks and Monetary Policy

4. Different Types of Cheque and when does the cheque become invalid

5. What are the Documents required for a loan approval ?

6. There were questions based on technical ones since the graduate was from an engineering stream.

7. Why banking after engineering and the panelists demanded a answer which was relevant to the question and a general answer

8. What is NPA ?

9. How the NPA affects the economy of a country  ?

10. What is data mining ?

11. What is oil seed ?

12. How is organic farming different from inorganic ones ?

13. Will organic farming be given preference to provide loans to the farmers.

14. Have the candidate be a part of any self help groups ?

15. What is the role of self help groups in the present economy ?

16. What is Digital banking ?

17. What is UPI ?

18. How UPI helps in transfer of money ?

19. How the introduction of banks brought in changes in the conventional banking ?

20. What is Kisan Vikas Patra ?

21. What is golden revolution ?

22. What are the 5 types of communication ? (Since the candidate is an engineering graduate)

23. What are the various schemes the government has introduced for the rural areas ?

(The interview was intense in terms of question asked and altogether, this was a great experience for the candidate and the candidate mentioned that he had given answers for almost all the questions and was positive in getting selected in the final phase). 


Check the YouTube Video from our experts which is based on the Type of  Questions asked in the Interview process.


Thanks to RACE INSTITUTE students who are providing the updates about the interview and timely updates about the interview process. We wish the candidates who are attending the interview in the forthcoming days.

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