Important Phrasal verbs Set – 4

A phrasal verb is a combination of words (a verb + a Preposition or verb +adverb) that when used together, usually take on a different meaning to that of the original verb.

Phrasal Verbs :



1) Branch

Branch off – To leave a main road by turning onto a smaller road

Branch out – To start to do something different from what you usually do, especially in your job.

2) Brave

Brave out – To deal bravely with a difficult or unpleasant situation

3) Brazen
Brazen out – To act confidently and show no embarrassment for something bad that you have done.

4) Break

Break away – To leave or escape from someone who is holding you.

Break down – If a machine or vehicle breaks down.

Break for – To move quickly an suddenly towards something.

Break in – To get into a building or car by using force, usually in order to steal something

Break off – To stop doing something.

Break off with – To end a romantic relationship with someone.

Break out – To escape from Prison

Break through- To move through something that is intended to hold you back.

Break through – Important discovery or success that helps you achieve or deal wiht something.

Break With – To leave an organization or end a relation ship with someone, usually because you do not feel happy with it any more.

5) Breathe

Breathe in – To take air or a substance into your lungs through your nose or mouth.

Breathe out – To make the air or other substances in your lungs come out through your nose or mouth.

6) Breeze

Breeze in – To walk into a building or room quickly and confidently without seeming worried or nervous about anything.

Breeze into – To get an important and well paid job, quickly and easily.

Breeze through – To succeed in something very easily.

7) Brew

Brew up – To make a drink usually in a pot

8) Brick

Brick in/up – To fill a space with bricks.

9) Brighten

Brighten up – To make somewhere more attractive often by adding colours.

10) Brim

Brim over – If a container for liquid brims over, some of the liquid in it flows out be cause it is too full.

Brim over with – To feel or show a lot of good emotion or good quality.

Brim with – To be or to become very full of something