Important Phrasal Verbs Set – 7

Phrasal verbs – Cut, Cry,Cross,Crop,Creep,Crash,Crack,Count,Cool,Conjure

1) Cut

Cut across- Go across a plane rather than around it to make the journey quicker.

Cut back – Reduce.

Cut back on – Reduce expenditure

Cut down – Consume less

Cut down on – Start functioning

Cut it out – Stop your unfair or unreasonable behaviour

Cut off – Disconnect

Cut out – Exclude

Cut out on – Let down, Snub

Cut up – Cut into smaller pieces

2) Cry

Cry off – To cancel an arrangement

Cry out – Shout because you are in pain

3) Cross

Cross off – Delete, Remove from a list

Cross out – Put as line through some writing to show it is wrong.

4) Crop

Crop up – Appear unexpectedly

5) Creep

Creep in – Start to be noticeable

Creep out – Become noticeable in something

Creep out on – To do the same activity for a very long time

Creep over – Start to have a negative feeling

Creep up on – Approach without someone realising

6) Crash

Crash out – Sleep at someone’s house because you are too tired,drunk etc to leave


Crank out – Produce a lot of something fact

Crank up – Inject non medical drugs

7) Crack

Crack up – Have a nervous breakdown

Crack on – Continue doing something with energy.

8) Count

Count in – Include or involve

Count on/upon – Depend,rely

Count out – Exclude

Count up – Add

9) Cool

Cool down – Get cooler

10) Conjure

Conjure up – Create a picture or memory in someone’s mind