Important Synonyms and Antoyms (This words taken from The Hindu Editorial Page)

S.No Word Synonym Antonym
1 Luxuriant Abundant Barren
2 Cantankerous Bad-Tempered Good-Natured
3 Ferocious Wild, Fierce Mild
4 Onus Responsibility Exculpation, Blank, Exoneration
5 Derision Ridicule, Disrespect Praise
6 Condemnation Censure, Disapproval Plaudits, Praise
7 Embarrassment Discomfort, Confusion Confidence
8 Humiliation Shame , Disgrace Honour
9 Trite Commonplace, Clichéd Original, Fresh
10 Impudent Bold, Irreverent Polite, Respectful
11 Florid Extravagant, Fancy Plain
12 Monotonous Boring, Unrelieved Toneless, Flat
13 Verity A Belief, Truth Falsehood
14 Sanctity Devotion, Goodness Wickedness
15 Reverence Admiration, Estimation Scorn
16 Perspicuity Clarity Vagueness
17 Fervent Passionate, Emotional Apathetic
18 Excitable Volatile, Unsettled Placid
19 Enduring Experience, Brave Fade
20 Subdued Depressed, Downcast Bright