CRACK IBPS PO : New Pattern Error Spotting Day 79


Q 1-10 : Read the following sentences carefully and select the correct option. Each sentence is split into four parts namely (a), (b), (c) and (d). Select the part which is grammatically wrong. If all the parts of the sentence are grammatically correct then, choose ‘No error’ (e) as the option.


  1. With ABS technology, originally designed for aeroplanes (A) / a driver has farther most control over (B) / the vehicle when stopping (C) / as effective pressure is applied to all 4 wheels (D) / No Error (E)
  2. For example, at high speeds,(A) / when the car starts getting closer to the vehicle(B) / in front, the system (C) / auto-engages the brakes to slow down (D) / No Error (E)
  3. This was a welcome wake-up call (A) / to the perils of forgetting, that at the end of the day (B) /, India, and its far-reaching road network (C) were a long way from the blemish-free asphalt of Europe (D) / No Error (E).
  4. Though the judge wanted to know (A) / whether the AG would be able give an undertaking (B) / that the trust vote would not have be held (C) till Wednesday, Mr Narayan replied in the negative. (D) / No Error (E).
  5. To further access to new tech (A) /, Samsung is also creating a fund to invest in an array of technologies (B) / needed to enable self-driving and connected cars, (C) /from sensors and machine vision to artificial intelligence and security. (D) / No Error (E).
  6. Care must be taken by the airlines (A) / which ensure that the imposition of the no-fly ban (B) / is used as the last resort; (C) / ideally, it should remain in the books as a deterrent. (D) / No Error (E)
  7. Another highlight is the massive panoramic glass roof (A) / stretch from the leading edge of the windscreen (B) / to the tip of the trunk lid (C) / the glass roof is a large, complex structure. (D) / No Error (E).
  8. But Indian business executives say they are more concerned (A) / about the impact of soured loans on bank balance sheets, (B) / which had prevent them (C) /from getting the full benefit of central bank rate cuts (D) / No Error (E).
  9. The deal also hands out a lifeline to Runnr, which has struggled to raise funds (A) / and it has raised about $20-25 million since it started out in 2015 from investors such as Nexus Venture Partners, Blume Ventures and Sequoia Capital (B) / and Runnr was a product of a merger between (C) / hyper local delivery start-up Roadrunnr and food-ordering start-up TinyOwl (D) / No Error (E).
  10. Daily price revision is a double-edged sword (A) / in the sense that any short-lived sharp spike (B) / in global price could have be immediately hit the domestic consumer (C) / and also break down the pain of a sustained increase in global fuel prices.(D) / No Error (E).


To Know the Answers:

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  1. (B) Replace “Farther Most” with “Far More”
  2. (E) No Error
  3. (D) Replace “were” with “is”
  4. (C) Remove “have” from that particular part
  5. (E) No Error
  6. (B) Replace “Which” by “to”
  7. (B) Replace “Stretch” by “Stretching”
  8. (C) Remove “had” from the word before prevent
  9. (E) No Error
  10. (C) Replace “Could have be” by only “Could”


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