Match the Meaning – Day 12

Dear Bankersdaily Aspirant,

                                                   Learn vocabulary with us. Read our Vocab master everyday. Then test yourself with this match the following. Here we have provided a word on one side and image on other side. Try to match the meaning of the Word.

All the Best.

Read  Vocab Master Day – 51  and continue this match the Following



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1.c 2. b 3. a


Meaning: deserving or causing public disgrace or shame.

Synonym: humiliating, undignified, embarrassing,

Antonym: glorious, admirable

Sentence: “no other party risked ignominious defeat


Meaning: characterized by pretentious or showy display; designed

to impress.

Synonym: showy, pretentious, conspicuous, obtrusive,

Antonym: plain, unobtrusive, restrained, modest

Sentence:”a simple design that is glamorous without being



Meaning: miscellaneous articles, especially the equipment

needed for a particular activity.

Synonym: equipment, stuff, things, apparatus,

Antonym: immovables,

Sentence: “drills, saws, and other paraphernalia necessary for

home improvements”

5. Allure

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4.c  5.a  6. b


Meaning: very weak or slight.

Synonym: slight, insubstantial, flimsy, negligible,

Antonym: convincing, substantial, strong

Sentence: “the tenuous link between interest rates and


5. Allure

Meaning: Appeal

Synonym: attraction, charm, glamor

Antonym: repulsion

Sentence: They allure and baffle us, as the smile on the lips of

the Mona Lisa.


Meaning: (of a cruel or violent action) deliberate and unprovoked

Synonym: deliberate, malicious,

Antonym: justifiable

Sentence: “sheer wanton vandalism”

7. Perennial
9. Penury

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7.b 8.c 9.d 10. a

7. Perennial

Meaning: lasting or existing for a long or apparently infinite time;

enduring or continually recurring

Synonym: everlasting, perpetual, eternal,

Antonym: ceasing, ending, halting, infrequent, intermittent,

interrupted, occasional, temporary

Sentence:”his perennial distrust of the media”


Meaning:(in Christian theology) a state of eternal punishment and

damnation into which a sinful and unrepentant person passes

after death

Synonym: damnation, eternal punishment;

Sentence:”she used her last banknote to buy herself a square meal

before perdition”

9. Penury

Meaning: the state of being very poor; extreme poverty.

Synonym: pennilessness, impecuniousness, impoverishment,


Antonym: wealth, affluence

Sentence: “he couldn’t face another year of penury”


Meaning: a person who makes slow progress and falls behind


Synonym: straggler, loiterer, lingerer,

Sentence: “staff were under enormous pressure and there was no

time for laggards”