Monday Motivation – The Need to Crack the code and succeed – IBPS CLERK PRELIMS 2017

Dear Bankersdaily Aspirant,

The Exam days are important and everyone is participating in a race to ace the exam and get their dreams fulfilled. The IBPS PO Mains Examination 2017 , RBI Assistant Prelims Examination 2017 and IBPS CLERK Preliminary examination 2017 have been over (the first two fully) and the latter exam is still in the box which will happen in the forthcoming days. The IBPS RRB Mains Examination results was also released and the score card was also released, so is the exam season is in the intense stage now.

The Review and analysis of the IBPS CLERK PRELIMS Exam 2017 (Day 1 and Day 2) have been posted in the website and you can check the review and also the questions asked in the IBPS Clerk Prelims Exam 2017 from the links given below.

Day 2 – Review and Analysis – IBPS CLERK PRELIMS EXAM

Day 1 – Review and Analysis – IBPS CLERK PRELIMS EXAM

So the winners who have crossed to the next phase in the IBPS RRB Scale I officer and IBPS RRB Office Assistant 2017 and as you all know if there is a competition there must be winners and participants. So these exams too had partial winners, who are waiting for their final phase in the IBPS RRB Exam (both scale I officer and Office assistant) and others are preparing hard for the other examinations.

The competition was intense and so everyone cannot be a winner. Also the number of vacancies for some the states were low (not extremely low) and so the final result had to be like this and every aspirant worked hard for the vacancies and to get their name finally placed in that list. Every aspirant’s wish is to be on the final list and this is not the last exam. When you see the exams happened in the last two days (IBPS Clerk Prelims Exam 2017) was in the easier range. So aspirants who attended yesterday’s exam had attended many questions when compared to the recent exams which are usually in the difficult range.

Breaking the barriers and making a way forward to achieve the goal should be the ultimate dream for all the aspirants. Your constant hard work and preparations may not give you immediate results but you will get it one day, it may be tomorrow , the next week or in the forthcoming days. If you have achieved in this and are waiting for the final phase of the exam , you should double up your preparations for the interview and regional language test. The former needs extra efforts and so the latter one which needs preparations because there is no prescribed format for the regional language test.

Aspirant’s can check the process of regional language test / Language Proficiency Test fro the links given below as this can help in their last phase of the Exams which could be vital in deciding the fate of their dreams.

Know about Language Proficiency Test

So as said everyone cannot be in the winning side and so the participating side has to make great efforts to win the exams. Please don’t get disheartened at this stage because this is an important phase and why not the recently finished IBPS Clerk Prelims Exam 2017 could open the doors to achieve the dreams of your life. So prepare hard for the exams to come in the forthcoming days and you can still achieve your dreams.

As the famous quotes says “Rome was not built in a day” and your preparations also. So work hard because your victory is still an exam away and you can excel in he exams in the forthcoming days. An appropriate example will be our Indian Cricket Team , the players excel in the home ground matches but  sometimes in the away ground, they fail to achieve their winning ways. So if the fate of the best bunch of players in the world has been in that stage few days, we too are in the same line as the winning days will be there but we have to wait for that day.

IBPS Clerk Prelims exam is there in the next week and if you are having your exam in the next week prepare well by attending more number of mock tests and you have both added advantage and disadvantage for the next week exam. The advantage is that, you can try all the topics prior hand and you know how the exam was and what are the topics asked in the IBPS CLERK PRELIMS EXAM 2017 and the disadvantage is that, the pattern of questions asked in the exam may vary in the next week. So anything can happen and you have to break and crack the code to succeed the exams in the forthcoming days.

Break the barriers of your preparations and be the best and succeed the examination with your hard work and intense preparations. We have already provided FREE MOCK TEST for the IBPS CLERK PRELIMS EXAM 2017, you can attend the same to steer your preparations.


At last Motivate yourself because our mind is the best self motivator and moreover our own motivation can help us to revive everything. Be prepared for everything and always ride the ship in a way towards the success where the light is shining bright. What is your best motivational lines for others who are writing the exams in the forthcoming days, share yours in the comments section which could be a big motivation for the others.