Practice Important English Language Questions for IBPS SO Prelims and IBPS CLERK Mains Exam

Dear Bankersdaily Aspirant,

The IBPS SO Prelims Exam and IBPS Clerk Mains Exam are fast approaching and you might now have an idea about how tough the questions will be, based on the exams that are over now. Intense Preparation along with smart preparing ways will help you to crack the exams.

We have been providing questions for the IBPS Clerk Mains Exam 2017 and also for the IBPS SO Prelims Exam from the important topics of all the sections which would enhance your preparations for those exams. Solve the questions below which are asked in the IBPS Clerk Prelims Exam, so that this will improve your preparations for the exams.

Solve these questions, so that you don’t need to fear for the English section in the forthcoming exams. This question set is a mix of Reading Comprehension and Filler Type questions which are asked in the recent examinations, attend these questions and conquer the section of English language.


D.1-5): Read the following passage carefully and answer the questions given below it. One word is given in bold to help you locate that while answering a question.

As India aims to transition on the path of sustainable development, the current policy focus on the green economy provides a historic opportunity. Much would depend on how soon the policy makers switch from regarding women as a disadvantaged group to powerful decision-makers with insights to drive strategies for a better future. The key priorities to making this a truly transformative agenda for women should inter alia include enhancing their role in private and public decision-making; enhancing access to finance; training and capacity building on technology; and capturing gender disaggregated data for better policy interventions. Green economy by itself will not change the underlying anomalies such as women’s limited access to productive inputs like credit, land, technology, etc. After all, creating equal opportunities for women is not only a development imperative embedded in human rights, it is critical to accelerating sustainable development.

Q.1) According to the passage, providing equal opportunities to women is identified with which of the following?

a) It is compulsory in the context of human rights.

b) It is a factor relating to sustainable development.

c) Decision-making powers should be conferred on women.

d) Both a & b

e) All a, b & c

Q.2) The meaning of the term ‘inter alia’ as used in the passage is:

a) As against.

b) Among other things.

c) Notwithstanding.

d) Compulsorily.

e) Ordinarily.

Q.3) The tone of the passage is one of:

a) Expediency.

b) Exasperation.

c) Enthusiasm.

d) Expectations.

e) Exclusion. .

Q.4) Which of the following ideas is/are included in the passage?

a) Green economy is the surest way to provide gender equality.

b) Sustainable development sans Green economy is viable.

c) Green economy provides a wonderful opportunity to pave way for empowerment of women.

d) Green economy is relevant to planting of more trees.

e) Both a & b

Q.5) Which of the following could be an appropriate title to the above passage?

a) Green With Envy.

b) Green Sans Sheen.

c) Green-eyed Men.

d) Greener Pastures for Women.

e) Ever-Green Development.

D.6-10): Read the following passage carefully and answer the questions given below it. One word is given in bold to help you locate that while answering a question.

There is a certain amount of self-abnegation involved in sycophancy. The sycophant is one who sacrifices much and bears much and it is no small strain to remain agreeable under all conditions. What is his personal gain in all this? It is not much. All that he seeks is that he be allowed to bask forever in the sunshine of his master’s presence. This gives him a reflected glory and an authority which seems to him the most important acquisition in life; the material and other advantages that may arise there from are mere by-products. He practises sycophancy for its own sake, for the pleasure it gives, for the sense of well-being that it spreads all around.

6) Sycophancy underlines the concept of which of the following, according to the passage?

a) Subservience.

b) Subjugation.

c) Serfdom.

d) Sacrilege.

e) Self-sacrifice.

Q.7) The term ‘reflected glory’ in the passage has connotations of:

a) self-abnegation.

b) Shallowness.

c) Shadow-dwelling.

d) Shakiness.

e) Stickiness.

Q.8) The word ‘sunshine’ in the passage refers to which of the following?

a) Surveillance.

b) Semblance.

c) Succour.

d) Sunbeam.

e) Sustained support.

Q.9) The effect of sycophancy is underlined as a theme covering which of the following?

a) Spotting of self-esteem.

b) Spreading the sense of well-being.

c) Supporting the sense of well-being.

d) Securing the sense of well-being.

e) Spearheading the sense of well-being.

Q.10) “To remain agreeable under all conditions”, according to the author is a:

a) Stupendous strain.

b) Small strain.

c) Strangulating strain.

d) Shattering strain.

e) Shameful strain.

Answer Key:

1) e

2) b

3) d

4) c

5) d

6) e

7) c

8) e

9) b

10) a

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