Hi Bankersdaily Aspirants,

                        “Practice doesn’t make perfect.Practice reduces the imperfection.” 

At present , the next most sought exam in the banking circle will be the IBPS exams. As you know , the difficulty of the questions asked in the exams in the recent times usually ranges from moderate to difficult and it definitely doesn’t fall in the easier category. So constant practice is the only way which could save the candidates during the exams.

Many of the candidates will have questions regarding the exams and they would also have the confusing question of how to solve the question.In Learn Series we are posting all the types of questions asked in IBPS exams and we are focussing on neophyte who doesn’t know anything about the Topic.So we are describing each and every topic with an example and shortcut method to solve the problem from the basic level.

Aspirant,we had discussed Mixture and Alligation today in Learn Series.So let us Attempt Quiz on Mixture and Alligation

Before Attempting Quiz:

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