How is your preparation for the IBPS PO prelims 2017 & Free MOCK TEST

Dear Bankesdaily Aspirant,

The IBPS RRB examination for the post of Scale I Officer and also for the Office Assistant is over and also we hope that all the aspirants have written the preliminary examination well and would also achieve the prelims process and would rock the mains examination. Since the pattern of the IBPS RRB Scale I Officer and Office Assistant are entirely different from the IBPS PO and Clerk.

The only difference is that, English section is not in the exam pattern of the IBPS RRB PO and Clerk and you have to prepare English section for the IBPS PO and IBPS Clerk preparations. Also the questions of the Quantitative Aptitude and the Reasoning Ability differs in a small number.

We hope you have started the preparations for the IBPS PO preliminary examination 2017 as the exam is still 10 days away . The IBPS PO Preliminary Examination 2017 will be conducted on 7th,8th,14th and 15th September 2017 and the IBPS Clerk 2017 is slated to happen in the month of December 2017. The preparation has to be in sky level since the other exams which were conducted recently were in a different level and also the cutoff marks for the preliminary examination of the PO exams were slightly higher than the previous years.

Even the recently finished IBPS RRB Scale I Officer 2017 examination was the same and in that, the questions were in the easier range and so aspirants are expecting a high cutoff due that and we can also expect the unexpected where even the cutoff marks can be more or less same as the previous year cutoff marks.

Since for the IBPS PO examination, SBI PO is considered as the benchmark for the former and so aspirants can aslo expect the same in this year exams too. There aren’t many days for the exams from now on, so please concentrate on the strong sections and the topics and choose to attend more number of mock tests and do practice at least two mock tests daily from now on, so that you may acquire a better strategy to attend the IBPS PO 2017 preliminary Examination.

Do concentrate on English, because till now you would have concentrated more for the IBPS RRB Scale I Officer and Office Assistant Examinations, so a change is a must. Also many candidates consider English as the difficult section to crack, so give more importance to that section if you really fell so.

What should be your strategy to clear the IBPS PO Preliminary Examination 2017 ?

  • Concentrate on the topics that are easy to crack and that could give you 100 % accurate answers.
  • Don’t blindly go with the topics preparation, choose wisely and prepare the topics which are important in the exams and have high chance of scoring.
  • For example, it is wise to choose simplification first and number series then because these will consume less time and also aspirants can solve the questions easier.
  • Choose the topic which is more convenient to you. If you are strong in Reasoning, there is no wrong in solving the reasoning questions in the first hand.
  • Be strong in your basics and miscellaneous topics comes in handy at that time and in a short duration, you have to finish the exam and so you cannot pick to choose miscellaneous topics as your choice(If you are really confident, then this is definitely not an obstacle).
  • Give equal timing to all the topics, so that you can score high in all the sections.
  • Since this is a time based one and perfect accuracy is needed to score more, choosing the best and easy questions and solving time define the total number of questions you solve.
  • Always try to avoid difficult questions and you should now be more aware of the difficult questions and the precious statement assist this statement in that cause.
  • Check the cutoff marks of previous year preliminary examinations and always choose to solve higher than that.
  • If an exam is difficult for you then it is surely difficult for others, so don’t panic if the questions are difficult and the previous statement becomes null at that point.

We are providing ten mock tests which was assured as part of our CRACK IBPS PO 2017 STUDY PLANNER and if you haven’t solved some of the topics, we have updated the topics in the table on that page. Try that questions, if you want to get some practice. As you all know that we have provided topics on all the three sections like Quantitative Aptitude, Reasoning Ability and English Language and this day marks the last day of that Planner.

Please also note that there will be totally 10 mock tests available for 10 days and each mock test will be available for a time period of two days, So please attend the mock test within the time schedule. Also we are the one providing this number of mock tests for the aspirants, so make use of that. If you have any doubts regarding that please post your queries in the comment section and we assure you that it will be answered within some moments.

Steps To Take Online Test Using Mobile:

1) Download our Online Test App by Clicking the following Link

2) After Downloading, Please Press Login Button

3) In Login Button, If you are a RACE Student, Login using your Enrollment ID.

If you are a Non-RACE Student, then press Login using Google+/ Login Using Facebook Button.

4) After login, Please Click the Link which is Given here.

Please check the following table about the 10 mock tests and it available dates.

MOCK TEST NO Date of START Date the test ends
Mock Test 1 26th September 27th September
Mock Test 2 27th September 28th September
Mock Test 3 28th September 29th September
Mock Test 4 29th September 30th September
Mock Test 5 30th September 1st October
Mock Test 6 1st October 2nd October
Mock Test 7 2nd October 3rd October
Mock Test 8 3rd October 4th October
Mock Test 9 4th October 5th October
Mock Test 10 5th October 6th October
Eg. The test will end on 27th September midnight for the 1st Test


The mock test will be updated in this post, so bookmark this page for the updates about the mock tests. Make use of the test and score high in the IBPS PO 2017 preliminary examination.