Questions Asked In MTS Exam April 30

1) Biosphere refers to

The Portion of the earth including the oceans the land the soil and the atmosphere inhabited by living organisms.

2) The Ranganatha Temple is situate at – Kanchipuram

3) which of the following phenomena supposedly associated with global warming – Southern Oscillation

4) Lower Atmosphere is – Troposphere

5) Swineflu causes – Virus

6) Malathion is – Pesticide

7) Which manages the computer resources? – Programmes

8) NITI Aayog is a – Statuory Body

9) Where is FIFA 2018 scheduled to be held? – Russia

10) Insectivorous plants trap insects for – NitrogenSeries with Live

14) Which one of the following is the indirect us of forests? – Checking Soil Erosion

15) The latex of which plant is use commercially? – Rubber Plant

16) Locomotory organ of a starfish is – Flipper

17) The source of oxygen in atmosphere is due to – Photosynthesis

18) Direct access of file is also known as – Sequential Access

19) Riboflavin is – Vitamin

20) Which of the following is used as a logo of the World Wide Fund (WWF) for Nature? – Panda

21)Which of the following Contains Alberuni’s account of India? Kitab-ul-Hind

22) Budda gave his first sermon at the Deer Park in Sarnath

23) What was ‘Kuomintang? A Nationalist Party in China

24) Where is the Forest Research Institute of India Located? Bhopal

25) How many languages are rerecognized in the 8th scheduled of the Indian Constitution? – 22