Dear Bankersdaily Aspirants,

Hope , Your preparation for this week IDBI Executive exam 2018 is good . Since IDBI  executive exam is a single level which will be conducted in an online mode, Competition will be higher for this executive post and the most important thing , Current affairs section will not be there in this exam. So aspirants have to concentrate in three sections namely Aptitude, Reasoning, & English.

The person with high speed and very good accuracy only can crack this exam to taste the success. The candidates will be selected on the basis of performance in this online exam test. So the candidate with consistent hard work and regular practice will crack the exam very easily.

Here are some puzzle questions which will help you to identify your level of preparation.

Exam: IDBI Executive Exam 2018

Topic: Puzzle from Reasoning

Timing: 7 minutes

D.1-5) Study the following information carefully and answer the questions given below:

Eight persons sit in a square table named Abhayaprada, Barny, Caesare, Deadrah, Ezekiel, Faxan, Gazillions and Harry Potter. Four persons sit in each corners of the table and four persons sit in each sides of the table. All are facing outside.

Abhayaprada is immediate neighbour of Harry Potter. Faxan does not sit third to the left of Barny who doesn’t sit at the corner. Faxan sits fourth to the right of Ezekiel. There are 3 persons between Barny and Caesare. Caesare sits third to the left of Deadrah. One person sits between Caesare and Harry Potter. Gazillions and Harry Potter are not immediate neighbours.

Q.1) Four of the following five are alike in a certain way and so form a group. Which one of the following does not belong to the group?

a) Abhayaprada

b) Deadrah

c) Faxan

d) Ezekiel

e) Gazillions

Q.2) Barny is related to Harry Potter, Faxan is related to Abhayaprada then Caesare is related to which among the following?

a) Gazillions

b) Barny

c) Deadrah

d) Faxan

e) Abhayaprada

Q.3) Who sits fifth to the right of Harry Potter?

a) Ezekiel

b) Abhayaprada

c) Barny

d) Caesare

e) Deadrah

Q.4) Who sits to the immediate right of Gazillions?

a) Ezekiel

b) Deadrah

c) Caesare

d) Barny

e) Abhayaprada

Q.5) Who sits opposite to Harry Potter?

a) Deadrah

b) Gazillions

c) Abhayaprada

d) Barny

e) Caesare

D.6-10) Study the following information carefully and answer the question given below:

Six persons X, Y, Z, A, B and C are working in a company having different years of experience 6 months, 1 years, 2 years, 3 years, 4 years and 5 years. They have different salaries via 28500, 58000, 37000, 47500, 51000 and 61000 but not necessarily in the same order.

The one who has minimum experience receive the minimum salary. The salary difference of A and Z is Rs.3000. The Experience between X and Y are consecutive years but neither 1 year nor 5years. B, who has less than 2 years of experience and receive Rs.37000 salary. The difference between experience of B and X is 1 year. Z has more experience than X but not the maximum experienced person and he received the salary below Rs.61000.

Q.6) Who among the following has the maximum experience?

a) B

b) X

c) Y

d) A

e) None of these

Q.7) Which of the following combination is definitely true?

a) B – 28500 – 1years

b) C – 37000 – 3years

c) A – 61000 – 5years

d) B – 51000 – 2years

e) None of these

Q.8) Who among the following has highest salary?

a) X

b) Z

c) C

d) A

e) Y

Q.9) Who among the following receive 51000 Salary?

a) Y

b) Z

c) X

d) B

e) Can’t be determined

Q.10) How many person are their between B and A based on their experience?

a) Two

b) One

c) Three

d) Four

e) None of these

Answer Key


  1. (e)
  2. (a)
  3. (e)
  4. (b)
  5. (b)



Person Salary Experience
C 28,500 6 month
B 37,000 1 year
Y 51,000/47,500 3 years
X 51000/47,500 2 years
Z 58,000 4 years
A 61,000 5 years


  1. (d)
  2. (c)
  3. (d)
  4. (e)
  5. (c)

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