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SBI Clerk Prelims 2018 Study Planner Day-5

Section : English Language

Topic : Error Spotting

Time: 20 Minutes

Read the following sentences carefully and select the correct option. Each sentence is split into four parts namely (a), (b), (c) and (d). Select the part which is grammatically wrong. If all the parts of the sentence are grammatically correct then, choose ‘No error’ (e) as the option.

1) It was Y.G Doraiswamy, an art connoisseur from Chennai, (a)/ who saw his performance and suggested that he should move (b) to Chennai to perform Odissi and teach there to local Bharatanatyam dancers, (c)/ interested of learning Odissi, as the dance form was gaining popularity. (d)/ No error. (e)

2) Steelmakers in Britain pay some of the highest energy costs (a)/ and green taxes in the world, but the government maintains that the (b)/ fundamental problem facing the industry is the collapse in the (c)/ price of steel, caused on overcapacity in China. (d)/ No error. (e)

3) Just when everyone were wondering whether (a)/ the Saradha probe was being soft pedalled, the Enforcement Directorate (b)/ filed its first charge sheet, four days before (c)/ West Bengal goes to the polls. (d)/ No error. (e)

4) Even in those case, judges wilfully ignored (a)/ the mandatory sentencing provisions of at least one year (b)/ of imprisonment, preferring instead a “simple imprisonment (c)/ till the rising of the court”. (d)/ No error. (e)

5) Besides that, a financial loss to the tune of hundreds of crores (a)/ was incurred by people whose homes and business establishments were (b)/ damaged in the arson that followed the agitation leaving (c)/ the State paralysed for near two weeks. (d)/ No error. (e)

6) C.S. Santosh is also the face of Indian adventure on the international stage (a)/ with participation in the Dakar Rally — considered the graveyard of champions (b)/ in more ways than one and official the toughest off- (c)/ road rally in the world — and the World Cross Country Championship. (d)/ No error. (e)

7) Applicant companies should submit a common application form SPICe (INC 32) on MCA portal, (a)/ and once the data of incorporation are sent to CBDT by (b)/ MCA, the PAN and TAN are issued immediately (c)/ without any further intervention of the applicant. (d)/ No error. (e)

8) With three runways operating simultaneously, it is easier (a)/ to manage IGIA’s heavy traffic even during peak hours, but with two only (b)/ runways available, we can’t have (c)/ simultaneous and independent arrivals and departures,” said a senior air traffic control official. (d)/ No error. (e)

9) When confronted with the view that the stretch (a)/ looked more or less the same after cleaning, (b)/ a senior government official said that a more visible (c)/ impact would came after regular maintenance. (d)/ No error. (e)

10) The programme will include “a weekly three-hour course (a)/ on the presidential campaign taught in real time (b)/ and the participants will be on the campaign trail, going from (c)/ town to town, attending events, and live with American families.” (d)/ No error. (e)

11) “I really would not have believed that one can plan a (a)/ giant flyover on the narrowest of spaces like this, (b)/ unless I come here,” said an engineer of the (c)/ Kolkata Municipal Corporation while photograph the area. (d)/ No error. (e)

12) The scheme was formulated under directions of the Supreme Court (a)/ which had acted in a PIL filed by activist and lawyer MC Mehta (b)/ who had demanded shifting of industries operating in residential (c)/ and non-conforming areas to the outskirts for curbing pollution. (d)/ No error. (e)

13) When broken down point by point, it is quite apparent (a)/ that either there was no ground for invoking Article 356 within the parameters (b)/ laid down by the Supreme Court or that a situation (c)/ warranting Central intervention had not yet arise. (d)/ No error. (e)

14) In the judgment that uphold the validity of the Tenth Schedule (a)/ (the anti-defection law), a dissenting judge had pointed out that the (b)/ Speaker’s “tenure being dependent on the will of majority therein, (c)/ likelihood of suspicion of bias could not be ruled out.” (d)/ No error. (e)

15) The announcement that India’s Tata Steel is abandoning western countries (a)/ have hammered home the threat to developed countries’ steel industries (b)/ from a glut caused by over-capacity in China, which has led to a (c)/ collapse in the global price of commodity steel used mainly in construction. (d)/ No error. (e)

16) On August 19 last year, when the purported video was filmed, (a)/ he was on duty, but due to inadequate sleep and not having taken medicines, (b)/ he experienced memory loss and drowsiness, resulting in a (c)/ situation in which he could not even change his uniform, Salem had said. (d)/ No error. (e)

17) “They were also directed to ensure that break-down teams were (a)/ always ready to keep the fleet on track and that buses plied on (b)/ the extreme left side of roads; there would be disciplinary action along depot (c)/ managers if any of these conditions were found not being met,” the official added. (d)/ No error. (e)

18) “If farmers are confident that they would get assured returns (a)/ on their produce it will motivate them to go for pulses farming, (b)/ resulting in better production, less dependence in imports and (c)/ most importantly will bring price stabilisation,” he said. (d)/ No error. (e)

19) Rubber deposited on the surface from tyres of landing aircraft (a)/ would be thorough scraped and the usual touchdown point, (b)/ which bears the maximum load of landing aircraft, (c)/ would be overhauled to reduce chances of damage. (d)/ No error. (e)

20) But Mr. Modi did raise the possibility of individuals within (a)/ the state structure getting friendly with a terrorist, (b)/ lead up to a nuclear terrorism incident, without (c)/ naming any particularly country, said Mr. Gill. (d)/ No error. (e)

Check the Answers for the above questions from here.

1) d) Replace ‘of’ with ‘in’

2) d) Replace ‘on’ with ‘by’

3) a) Replace ‘were’ with ‘was’

4) a) Replace ‘case’ with ‘cases’

5) d) Replace ‘near’ with ‘nearly’

6) c) Replace ‘official’ with ‘officially’

7) b) Replace ‘are’ with ‘is’

8) b) Interchange ‘two only’ to ‘only two’

9) d) Replace ‘came’ with ‘come’

10) d) Replace ‘live’ with ‘living’

11) d) Replace ‘photograph’ with ‘photographing’

12) b) Replace ‘in’ with ‘upon’

13) d) Replace ‘arise’ with ‘arisen’

14) a) Replace ‘uphold’ with ‘upheld’

15) b) Replace ‘have’ with ‘has’

16) e) No error

17) c) Replace ‘along’ by ‘against’

18) c) Replace ‘less’ with ‘lesser’

19) b) Replace ‘thorough’ with ‘thoroughly’

20) c) Replace ‘lead’ with ‘leading’

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