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Dear Banking Aspirants,

The results of various exams got released and there are plenty of exams which will happen in the forthcoming days. Preparations for those exams should be in a different level, so that it would easy for the aspirants to crack the initial phase & other subsequent phases of the exam. Competitive Exams (Absolutely Banking Exams) have went from easy to difficult within a short span and the reason for this is, the number of candidates attending the exams have increased enormously.

The number of vacancies available for each notifications have become less when compared to the previous years and experts have been mentioning that this will change in the due course of time. So we too hope, the same thing.

We have been successful in providing STUDY PLANNER for exams such as SBI PO , IBPS PO, IBPS RRB , IBPS RRB ASSISTANT, RBI ASSISTANT, IBPS CLERK , IBPS SO and many other exams. We have been receiving requests from the students to provide STUDY PLANNER for SBI CLERK PRELIMS EXAM 2018 as this will be instrumental in the preparation of the aspirants.

The SBI CLERK Exam happens once in two years (till now) and all the aspirants were eagerly waiting for the SBI CLERK EXAM 2018 as this will be the start for the bigger exam in the examination arena. So after the notifications were released there were many exams in line which have their Phase in the forthcoming days before the SBI CLERK PRELIMS EXAM. So the preparation for the exams should be in a different way , so that the preparation should also help the other exams like Syndicate Bank PO and Canara Bank PO.

This time, SBI has changed the Prelims exam pattern and the Prelims Exam of SBI CLERK 2018 has Sectional timing and no overall cutoff marks for the Prelims Exam. So knowing the exam pattern and the timing will help the aspirants to ace the exam and also to better their performances in the SBI CLERK PRELIMS EXAM 2018.


SL. Name of test No. of Questions Marks Duration
1. English Language 30 30 20 Minutes
2. Numerical Ability 35 35 20 Minutes
3. Reasoning Ability 35 35 20 Minutes
Total 100 100 1 Hour

Also the SBI CLERK PRELIMS EXAM 2018  will have intense competition and you have to give your best to go to the next phase of the SBI CLERK PRELIMS EXAM 2018. So prepare well with the planner and shape your preparations in such a way to crack the exam and to achieve your dream of becoming a banker.

Team Bankersdaily will help you in your preparations and overall this will hep you to steer your exam preparations and will assist you to clear the exams. Since the exact date of the SBI CLERK PRELIMS EXAM isn’t announced yet, you have ample time for your preparations. Also we will help you to increase your test ability through our FREE MOCK TESTS which will be provided at the end of the Planner. As said , since the exam date’s aren’t announced , we have kept this as a 30 Day planner ,starting from today. We will provide the ALL INDIA FREE MOCK TEST at the end of the Planner.

To check the notification of the SBI CLERK EXAM 2018 , please check the below given links and know more about the tentative dates and also the newly announced exam patterns of SBI CLERK EXAM 2018.


Please bookmark this page, so that it will be useful to check this page daily. Also we will update each post separately and will also add the links to this page, in the correct post. So visit this page daily , so that you don’t miss any updates about the SBI CLERK PRELIMS EXAM STUDY PLANNER 2018 – BANKERSDAILY.

Quizzes will be released everyday by the timing given below:

Quantitative Aptitude   – 7:30 P.M

Reasoning Ability          – 7:00 P.M

English Language         – 8:00 P.M

[Day 7 is updated now – Attend the Quiz and share your scores]
Day Reasoning Aptitude English
Day 1 Alphabet series – 1 Simplification – 1 Reading comprehension
Day 2 Alphabet series – 2 Simplification – 2 Sentence Rearrangement
Day 3 Order & ranking – 1 Number system – 1 Spelling errors
Day 4 Order & ranking – 2 Simplification-3 Sentence replacements (old)
Day 5 Blood relation – 1 Approximation – 1 Error spotting (old)
Day 6 Blood relation – 2 Approximation – 2 Sentence improvement
Day 7 Coding & decoding – 1 Average – 1 Sentence rearrangement
Day 8 Coding & decoding – 2 Average – 2 Double fillers
Day 9 Direction & distance – 1 Number series – 1 Sentence Correction
Day 10 Direction & distance – 2 Number series – 2  Reading comprehension
Day 11 MOT – 1 Wrong number – 1  Cloze test (old pattern)
Day 12 MOT – 2 Quadratic – 1  Spelling errors
Day 13 MOT – 3 Quadratic – 2  Phrase replacements (old)
Day 14 Syllogism – 1 Percentage – 1  Error spotting (New)
Day 15 Syllogism – 2 Percentage – 2  Sentence improvement
Day 16 Machine I/O – 1 Problems on train – 1  Sentence rearrangement
Day 17 Machine I/O – 2 Time & work  Double fillers
Day 18 Circular seating – 1 (facing in ward) Boats & stream – 1  Single fillers
Day 19 Circular seating – 2 (facing in ward & outward) Boats & stream – 2   Reading comprehension
Day 20 Linear arrangement – 1 Speed & distance   Cloze test (old pattern)
Day 21 Linear arrangement – 2 Time & work   Spelling errors
Day 22 Floor based – 1 Probability   Phrase replacements (old)
Day 23 Floor based – 2 Profit & loss   Error spotting (New)
Day 24 Square/rectangle – 1 S.I   Sentence improvement
Day 25 Square/rectangle – 2 C.I   Sentence rearrangement
Day 26 Calendar based/weight & height – 1 Permutation & combination   Double fillers
Day 27 Calendar based/weight & height – 2 DI   Single fillers
Day 28  Puzzles  Speed & distance Reading comprehension (new)
Day 29  Syllogism (New Pattern)  Data Interpretation Cloze test (new pattern)
Day 30  MOT  Trains Sentence rearrangement (new)


Features About this SBI CLERK PRELIMS STUDY PLANNER – 2018

1. 30 Day Study Planner (May be increased / Decreased based on the Prelims date of SBI CLERK)


3. Questions based on the New Pattern Topics.

4. Aspirants can improve the sections which they find difficult.

5. Aspirants could have worked out , more than 500+ problems in each topic individually.

6. The Difficulty level of the questions will be on par with the actual exams of SBI CLERK PRELIMS EXAM 2018.

Also if you have any suggestions to add certain topics which you think is important, you are always welcome to share it in the comments sections and also for any feedback other than this do comment in the comments section and those queries and suggestions will be checked instantly.