SBI PO Prelims Infograph 2017

(prepared by RACE Senior faculties and RACE Akshaya Team)

Sr. No.

Name of Tests

No. of Questions

Maximum Marks



English Language



Composite time of 1 hour


Numerical Ability




Reasoning Ability






Quantitative Aptitude (35 Marks)

Number Series – 5 Qns

Simplification/approximation – 5 Qns

Data Interpretation and Data Analysis – 10 Qns

Algebra – 5 Qns (may or may not be asked)

Application Problems & Miscellaneous – 10 to 15 Qns

(Percentage, Time and work, Profit and Loss, Probability, Permuatation and Combination,Time and Distance, Mixture and Allegations,Simple and Compound Interest, Mensuration)

Logical Reasoning (35 Marks)

Coding Decoding (New pattern)– 5 Qns

Miscellaneous (Alphabet test, Blood Relation, Number Ranking)– 5 Qns

Direction Test – 5 Qns

New pattern Syllogism / MOT – 5Qns

Seating arrangement & Puzzle Test –15 Qns

General English (30 Marks)

Comprehension – 10 Qns

Cloze Test – 5 Qns

Spotting Errors / phrase replacement– 5 to 10 Qns

Sentence Rearrangement – 5 Qns

Double Fill ups – 5 Qns

Safe Zone:

Besides the section wise cut off, overall cut off is the key to clear. students should take care to answer enough questions to clear both.

So, Dear aspirants, be thorough with the following topics most likely to be covered, chosen on the basis of last two prelims examinations for SBI PO.

Quantitative Aptitude:

1. Number Series / Missing / Wrong Numbers – 5 Qns

2. Algebra – 5 Qns (may or may not be asked)

3. Data Interpretation – 10 Qns

4. Application Problems & Miscellaneous – 15 Qns or Application problems 10 Qns + Simplification/approximation – 5 Qns

Note: Application Questions are asked from Percentage, Time and work, Profit and Loss, Permutation and Combination, Time and Distance, Time and Work, Mixture and Allegations, Simple and Compound Interest Mensuration topics. Prepare well in these topics to solve at least 8 to 9 questions in this section.

Best Attempt: 20 to 25

Logical Reasoning (35 Marks)

1. Seating arrangement / Puzzle Test – 15 to 20 Qns

2. Coding Decoding (New pattern)– 5 Qns

3. Direction Test & Blood Relation – 5 Qns


a. New pattern Syllogism / MOT – 5 Qns or

b. Miscellaneous – 5 Qns

Best Attempt: 25 to 30

General English (30 Marks)

1. Spotting Errors – 5 Qns

2. Sentence Rearrangement – 5 Qns

3. Cloze Test – 5 Qns

4. Double Fill up / Sentence Improvement – 5 Qns

5. Comprehension – 10 Qns (time consuming for slow readers)

Best Attempt: 15 to 20

Reaching the safe Zone in all the sections will make you clear the overall cut off of the exam.

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Best Attempt: 60 to 70

How to Manage Time in Exam?

Tip 1: Most of us are very strong in a particular subject / section. So, find the section that you are strong in and solve that section in quick time. (Become a safe zone candidate in that section).

Tip 2: Practice at least 200 Questions in the topics of your strong area.

Tip 3: Use Vedic maths shortcuts while practicing questions

Tip 4: Use timer when practicing questions to evaluate your speed and accuracy.

Tip 5: Divide time according to your strength and weak sections.

Tip 6: Running out of time / Taking more time for a question (or Section)?

Don’t worry, don’t be tensed. If you are in a safe zone simply move on to the next section. If you are not in a safe zone and if you think you can get the answer just keep going.

Caught by tension, skip and go to next question.