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Exam: SBI Clerk & PO Exam 2018

Topic: Double Fillers

Timing: 10 minutes

Q.1) Three years ago, the Pakistani women’s cricket team at the World Cup had be shifted out to Cuttack, _______ not just Mumbai, but India itself for the ________ to uphold the spirit of sport essential to a liberal democracy.

(a) Failed , rampant

(b) Supporting , process

(c) Removing , lack

(d) Diminishing , failure

(e) Expanding , success

Q.2) The proposal to _________ in the GST all cess levies, several of them introduced by the present NDA government, has been __________ .

(a) Exclude , included

(b) Subsume , discarded

(c) Segregate , outclassified

(d) Remove, classified

(e) Expand , increased

Q.3) Japan’s economic _________ since its ‘lost decade’ at the end of the last century is a primer of what could ________ from such an economic slowing.

(a) Doldrums , Ensue

(b) Elation , Diminsh

(c) Conern , Intervene

(d) Outrage , Supress

(e) Difference , enlist

Q.4) The _________ caseload and mortality this year compared with last year could be because pre-existing immunity through exposure to the California strain is no longer effective, and people are therefore not __________ to the new strain.

(a) Increased , Immune

(b) Epitomized , related

(c) Fresh , immortal

(d) Auxiliary , prone

(e) Everlasting , Included

Q.5) The government argued that privacy is “so ___________ as to defy description”, that it is_________ to call it a fundamental right as it is one in common law, and that it has been given protection in different forms.

(a) Shaped , needless

(b) Extarordinary , aloof

(c) Amorphous, statutory

(d) Structured , app

(e) High , illicit

Q.6) The verdict has _________ and revivified core constitutional principles in an era in which privacy is __________ against state interest.

(a) Arrived , said

(b) Concluded , engraved

(c) Attracted , slated

(d) Proven , headed

(e) Advanced , pitted

Q.7) For a nation seeking to _________ the explosive growth in mobile telephony that has resulted in more than one billion subscriptions, the future lies in moving an ____________ larger share of economic activity across industries on to digital platforms.

(a) Kindle , Decreasingly

(b) Disturb , Expanding

(c) Leverage , increasingly

(d) Encompass , still

(e) Weaken , Progressively

Q.8) This suspension is __________ of concern to the EU. For the March deal had led to a __________ reduction in the flow of migrants.

(a) Regardless , momentous

(b) Absolutely , Considerable

(c) Principal , drastic

(d) Obviously , substantial

(e) Unanimous , relavant

Q.9) It must give __________ to the demand for the repeal of AFSPA as a necessary step to end ___________

(a) Momentum , impunity

(b) Restrictions , liability

(c) Freedom , Incarceration

(d) Affirmity , Problems

(e) Support , Denial

Q.10) Making power grids intelligent to ________ and give priority to use the output of renewables, accurately forecast the weather to plan next day generation, and viability mechanisms for _________ coal-based plants are other aspects that need attention.

(a) Decode , derived

(b) Assemble , Exotic

(c) Hash , Scrutinizing

(d) Report , Expanding

(e) Analyse , conventional

Answer key

1) (d) Diminishing , failure

2) (b) Subsume , discarded

3) (a) Doldrums , Ensue

4) (a) Increased , Immune

5) (c) Amorphous, statutory

6) (e) Advanced , pitted

7) (c) Leverage , increasingly

8) (d) Obviously , substantial

9) (a) Momentum , impunity

10) (e) Analyse , conventional

Day 16 Machine I/O – 2 Time & work  Double fillers

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