Target SBI PO : English Day 24

The controversy is (1) increasing by the day and Republicans have taken full advantage of it. They are building on the earlier charge that Ms. Clinton deleted 33,000 emails from her private server. On their part, the Democrats have turnedthe heat on Mr. Comey saying that he has violated the (2) Hatch Act that prohibits the FBI from influencing the outcome of any election. The spatis likely to become uglier after the election. If Ms. Clinton wins, she may want to remove Mr. Comey from his post. But she may not succeed in doing so because an FBI director has a ten-year tenure, compared to the (3) paltry two years given to a Central Bureau of Investigation chief, and Mr. Comey has seven more years to go. Also, his is a Senate-ratified appointment. To revoke it, the Democrats would have to move the Senate where they are in a minority. This is a fascinating prospect, some- thing that has not happened in American history. The FBI-Democratic Party conflict points to how an important investigation agency can get involved in a political battle (4) affecting on the future of a major democracy. The moral cannot be lost on India where the CBI has repeatedly been the favourite whipping target of different political parties. The fact that the organisation has to walk a tightrope all the time (5) merely for giving no room for complaint of partisanship is often ignored by the judiciary and the media. The CBI may not be a (6) archetype of virtue, but it has at the same time a lot to be proud of by way of (7) exhume many scandals that would have remained (8) petrified.

1) a) Burgeoning                b) Plummet

c) Dwindling d) Vanishing

e) No correction required

2) a) Whimsy                              b) Probity

c) Open d) Proximity

e) No correction required

3) a) Vainly                       b) Measly

c) Docile d) Avail

e) No correction required

4) a) Dodging                    b) Trifling

c) Impinging d) Plunging

e) No correction required

5) a) Eventually                 b) Indefinitely

c) Endlessly d) Solely

e) No correction required

6) a) Unabridged                b) Intact

c) Carnation d) Paragon

e) No correction required

7) a) Cleave                      b) Defunct

c) Conduit d) Unearthing

e) No correction required

8) a) Fossilised                   b) Rove

c) Scum d) Trident

e) No correction required

Answer Key

1. (a) 2. (e) 3. (b) 4. (c) 5. (d) 6. (d) 7. (d) 8. (a)


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