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SBI PO & SBI Clerk Exam 2018 will happen in the forthcoming days and the preparations have to be in a different arena to crack the exam. Since there is no cutoff marks for the SBI PO & SBI Clerk Exam 2018 Prelims Exam the preparations have to be in a different level and only the candidates who score the maximum marks will obtain a place in the Mains Exam.

Learning daily will give you the much needed confidence and the preparation strategy to crack the SBI PO & SBI CLERK Prelims Exam 2018. So, Team Bankersdaily provides you with the best preparation materials and also the Questions which will boost your preparations.

Attend these Quizzes Daily and take your preparations to the next level. Today we are providing Reading Comprehension Questions which is in the medium level. Crack the Strategy and apply this in your exams.

Exam: SBI Clerk & PO Exam 2018

Day : 23

Topic: Sentence Improvement

Timing: 10 minutes

1. I do not take any cognizance on what he says.

(a) about

(b) for

(c) of

(d) no improvement

2. He enjoys nothing more than drawing swords with others.

(a) playing

(b) crossing

(c) clashing

(d) no improvement

3. This beautiful shirt which I bought for my birthday costed only Rs. 150.

(a) was costed

(b) cost

(c) was cost

(d) no improvement

4. They are waiting for her since morning.

(a) have been waiting

(b) were waiting

(c) wait

(d) no improvement

5. He asked me if I can help him to lift the box.

(a) will

(b) could

(c) may

(d) no improvement

6. As soon as our plan is approved I shall favour its adoption.

(a) its’

(b) our

(c) it’s

(d) no improvement

7. On seeing the lion she felt too much afraid.

(a) very much

(b) excessively

(c) much

(d) no improvement

8. No one needs to worry about me.

(a) will worry

(b) need worry

(c) shall worry

(d) no improvement

9. How did one earn money is more important than how much did he earn?

(a) he earns

(b) he has earned

(c) one earns

(d) no improvement

10. Even the people in authority agree that corruption has become today’s order.

(a) the order of the day

(b) the order of today

(c) the day’s order

(d) no improvement

Answer Key

1) (c) of

2) (b) crossing a

3) (b) cost

4) (a) have been waiting

5) (b) could

6) (d) no improvement

7) (a) very much

8) (d) no improvement

9) (c) one earns

10) (a) the order of the day

Day 23 Square/rectangle – 1 S.I   Sentence improvement

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