Crack IBPS PO : Simplification Tougher Questions : day 52

D.1-5) What is the value should come in a place of ‘?’ in the following questions.

1) (5√8+√8)×(4√8+8√8)-212=?

a) 143

b) 72√8

c) 135

d) 70√8

e) None of these

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2) √33856×√2809-812= ?2+332+(7×11)

a) 43

b) 45

c) 47

d) 44

e) 41

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3) Find the value of( 3-1/7)×(1-1/8)×(1-1/9)×…………….(1-1/99)×(1-1/100)

a) 1/7

b) 1/6

c) 1/4

d) 1/3

e) 1/5

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a) 1

b) 75/41

c) 3/5

d) 3/7

e) 2

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5) 3/5% of 493+73.28%  of  4308= ? – 27.15% of  8453+44% of 7201

a) 3326.162

b) 2286.4004

c) 2746.4004

d) 3436.4004

e) None of these

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6) Mano prepares a budget to visit London. However, he spends 12% of his budget on the first 10% days of his travel when he stays in the city. He knows that he has to spend another 35% of days in city itself, after which he would travel to the country side. What should be the minimum decrease in spending in country side as a percentage of his spending in city so as to complete his travel on the initial budget itself?

a) 33.33%

b) 30.3%

c) 25%

d) 32.23%

e) None of these

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7) A merchant can buy goods at the rate of Rs.20 per good. The particular good is part of an overall collection and the value is linked to the number of items that are already on the market. So, the merchant sells the first good for Rs.2, second one for Rs.4, third for Rs.6… and so on. If he wants to make an overall profit of at least 40%, what is the minimum number of goods he should sell?

a) 24

b) 18

c) 27

d) 32

e) None of these

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8) A train meets with a minor accident after travelling 100 km from starting point A and then proceeding at a reduced speed of three-fourth of original speed arrives at its destination B 90 minutes late. Had the accident occurred 60 kms further on, the train would have reached the destination 15 minutes earlier. The original speed of the train and distance AB are.

a) 85 km/hr; 460Kms

b) 80 km/hr; 460Kms

c) 65 km/hr; 480Kms

d) 75 km/hr; 450Kms

e) None of these

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9) Pratap borrowed a sum of money from Arun at simple interest, at the rate of 12% per annum for the first three years, 16% per annum for the next five years and 20% per annum for the period beyond eight years. If at the end of 11 years, the total interest is Rs.6080 more than the sum, the sum borrowed was:

a) 6000

b) 8000

c) 10000

d) 12000

e) None of these

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10) A man buys a scooter on making cash down payment of Rs.16224 and promises to pay two more yearly installments of equivalent amounts at the end of first year and second year. If the rate of interest is 4% per annum, compounded annually, the cash value of the scooter is:

a) 40000

b) 46000

c) 46824

d) 50000

e) None of these

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