Crack IBPS PO : Seating Arrangement : Day 52

D.1-5) Study the following information carefully and answer the questions given below:

There are two apartments A and B in a street and each having six floors faces opposite to each other. Lowermost floor is numbered as 1 and the topmost floor is numbered as 6.In apartment A – P, Q, R, S, T and U lives and likes Cricket, Kho-Kho, Kabadi, Tennis, Volleyball and Football. In apartment B- F, G, H, I, J and K lives and likes Mechanical, Electrical, Civil, Aeronautics, Computer and Electronics but not necessarily in that order.

P lives in odd numbered floor and likes Kho-Kho. The one who likes Electrical engineering faces 5th floor, who likes Kho-Kho. Two persons lives between tennis player and P. U likes volleyball lives ground floor of the apartment. The people who like Civil and Aeronautics engineering faces Kabadi player and Q respectively. Q lives immediately below the Kabadi player and does not like cricket. K faces U and likes Electronics, three persons between K and H. G likes Computer engineering and lives even numbered floor but not in topmost floor. Three persons live between S and T, S lives above T. F faces R and lives immediately above I.

1) Who likes Aeronautics and which floor he lives?

(a) G, 2

(b) H, 5

(c) I, 3

(d) J, 5

(e) I, 4

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 (c) I likes AERONAUTICS and lives in 3rd floor

Q.2) How many persons living between U and one who faces Electrical engineer?

(a) Three

(b) Two

(c) None

(d) More than three

(e) Four

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 (a) Three persons lives between U and P (faces Electrical engineer)

Q.3) Four of the following five are alike as per the given arrangement and thus form a group. Which of the following does not belong to that group?

(a) SU

(b) SJ

(c) KJ

(d) JU

(e) SR

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 (e) Four of them lives 1st and 6th floors but R lives 4th floor so answer is SR

Q.4) If P and Q interchange their places, who amongst the following will live between the floors on which S and R live, as per the given arrangement?

(a) P

(b) Q

(c) T

(d) U

(e) None of these

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 (b) Q lives between S and R

Q.5) Which of the following is not true about I as per given arrangement?

(a) Lives in 3rd floor

(b) Lives between F and G

(c) Lives in odd numbered floor

(d) Likes Computer engineering

(e) None of these

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 (d) I likes Aeronautics engineering

6) Pointing towards Krishna, Pandiyan said “I am the only son of his father’s one of the son.” Then how Krishna is related to pandiyan?

(a) Nephew

(b) Uncle

(c) Either father or uncle

(d) Father

(e) Cannot be determined

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 (c) Krishna’s father has more than one son. Hence pandiyan is either son of Krishna or Krishna’s brother son.

7) What should come in place of question mark so as to make the expression   A>D and C>E always true?

(a) =

(b) >

(c) <


(e) Both a and b

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 (b) A=B>C  >  D≥E≤F

8) A tourist drives 10 Km towards East and turns to the right hand and drives 3 Km. Then, he drives towards West (turning to his right) 3 Km. He, then turns to his left and drives 2 Km. Finally he turns to his right and travels 7 Km. How far is he from his starting point and in which direction would he be?

(a) 10 Km, East

(b) 9 Km, North

(c) 8 Km, West

(d) 5 Km, South

(e) 3 Km, South

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9) Pointing to the lady in the photograph, Merlin said, “Her son’s father is the only son-in-law of my mother who has only one child”. How is Merlin related to the lady?

(a) Sister

(b) Mother

(c) Herself

(d) Aunt

(e) None of these

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10) A man is facing towards West and turns through 450 clockwise, again 1800 clockwise and then turns through 2700 anti-clockwise. In which direction is he facing now?

(a) West

(b) North-West

(c) North

(d) South-East

(e) South-West

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