Tips and Tricks to crack Reading Comprehension

Dear Banking Aspirant ,

The number of candidates taking the bank exams is always on the rise every year and one has to follow a better strategy than the other candidates to clear the initial levels and a smart strategy to crack the higher levels in the examination . The standard is also increasing year by year and you can even compare the recent SBI PO as it has set a benchmark for the other exams. So the competition is always not an easier one and we can be sure that the upcoming exams will be in the same standards.

Aspirants can download the PDF of the Reading Comprehension passages which is discussed in the Youtube Session on 28th February , 2018 from the links provided below.


So what must one do to crack the exams ? Every candidates follow certain strategies to ace the exams and almost more than sixty percent of the candidates find it hard to crack the English section and to be specific , it is the reading comprehension which pose threat to the candidates overall score in the exams.

So here we are with the tips and tricks to solve/crack the reading comprehension in the forthcoming Exams

  • An avid reader find it easy to read the whole passage as practice is the key for that candidate to crack this section. Normally the passages asked in the exams are lengthy and mostly economy based ones(considering the analysis of recent exams) and it doesn’t entertain the candidates to read , as the readers find it hard to read those one.
  • Get accustomed with the reading practice for the reading comprehensions. For this to be an easy one , you can read daily newspapers , the editorials present in it and also quality monthly magazines which provoke your mind to read more and enrich your level of reading.
  • The most important factor is reading difficult ones and as said in a proverb, practice makes a man perfect, So practice more and practice hard RC to crack this part.
  • Come out of your comfort zone in the reading section , Since many candidates are masters in reasoning , their focus will be on that topic and they find only meager time to even read the whole passage. So appropriate timing is important too.
  • Understand the passage , Analyze it and if you don’t understand never hesitate to re read it , but do it within the stipulated time according to your own strategy. Also note that, your accuracy matters.
  • Your speed and accuracy of reading the passage is directly proportional to the marks scored.(In the event of marking the right answers)
  • Practicing more RC’s will help you partially and to crack the whole thing , you need to read more, Since this is not formula based , a lot more reading will be only the only way(One cannot say the reverse is not totally possible, READ CAREFULLY).
  • Just reading a passage in the flash of a second will not do justice to your preparation , rather understand the important ones in the passages.
  • On the contrary if you are not sure of any answers and if it becomes time consuming , leave that question at that point , you can come back at a later time always (Preliminary examination allows you to switch between the Sections whereas in Mains examination , it is not possible).
  • The Reading Comprehension is asked to evaluate the candidates for their understanding of the topics and their vocabulary. So your vocabulary matters more. As said one cannot expect a 100% direct question , and the chances of getting direct ones are rare.
  • Read the entire passage at least once and then answer the questions which are easy and then try your hands on more complex ones. The level of complexity varies , but even then you can have at least some questions in the easier ones.

Most of the time , the reading comprehensions asked in the exams were easier and one can get maximum marks if his/her reading capability is high. Later don’t regret for not attending the easier ones in the comprehension , as it is going to affect your overall scores in the examination. The questions will not be easy and you have to read more to crack this section. We hope you would devise your strategy based on these things and build a great one to crack the exam.