Vocab Master Day – 61

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Meaning: support

Synonym: adopt, maintain, defend

Antonym: attack, reject

Sentence: He was an optimist or he never would have espoused

the American cause.


Meaning: on and off

Synonym: occasional, infrequent, irregular

Antonym: common, constant, frequent

Sentence:At first resistance to Western encroachment was

sporadic and uncoordinated.

3. Recede

Meaning: Pull back or move away or backwards

Synonym: subside, ebb, taper

Antonym: forge, ascend, prolong

Sentence: The unhappy memories of her childhood receded as she

grew older

4. Soporific

Meaning: tending to induce drowsiness or sleep., a drug or other

substance that induces drowsiness or sleep.

Synonym: sleeping pill, sleeping potion, sedative, calmative,

tranquillizer, narcotic, opiate;

Antonym: invigorating, stimulant

Sentence: “the motion of the train had a somewhat soporific


5. Orthodox

Meaning: following or conforming to the traditional or generally

accepted rules or beliefs of a religion, philosophy, or practice.

Synonym: conservative, traditional, observant, conformist

Antonym: unconventional, unorthodox, nonconformist

Sentence: “Burke’s views were orthodox in his time”


Meaning: childishly silly and immature

Synonym: jejune, infantile

Antonym: mature, adult

Sentence: “a puerile argument”

7. Afflicting

Meaning: Cause or become hurt

Synonym: annoy, rack, grieve

Antonym: Aid, delight

Sentence: Not only does she afflict my children; but my cattle,

my gun and myself have been bewitched by her.

8. Perturbed

Meaning: Trouble

Synonym: Bothered, Upset

Antonym: benefit , calm

Sentence:The more he loses, the more perturbed he gets


Meaning: relating to, used for, or prescribing the punishment of

offenders under the legal system.

Synonym: disciplinary, punitive, corrective,

Antonym: compensatory; acquitting,

Sentence: “the campaign for penal reform”


Meaning: the action or process of altering or being altered.

Synonym: change, adjustment, adaptation, modification,

Sentence: “careful alteration of old buildings”