Why Should i Start Preparing for IBPS PO Right Now?

Dear Banking Aspirant ,

” There is more learning in the question itself than the answer ”

 – Andrew Weremy


The most anticipated SBI season is on the ending stage.The difficulty level of the mains exam which recently ended has instigated fear in the minds of the banking aspirants. A humongous number of questions would be in your mind about the severity of the forthcoming exams. Don’t worry we are here to simplify your questions and absolutely you will find a explication.

When it comes to banking exams SBI and IBPS are the most anticipated exams among the aspirants. Aspirants have scads of expectations before these exams and the ratio of successful candidates to the unsuccessful candidates are meager. Both of them have the same questions regarding the exams irrespective of the success and failure.

The race for the vacancies are accelerating in a tremendous way. The difficulty level is also growing in an unprecedented way. So what should a candidate do to ace the exams?. Like said in the starting passage , you should have come across various questions kindling your mind. We have some answers for your queries , So don’t hesitate to read carry on.

Q1. Should I start preparing for IBPS PO 2017 from now onwards ?

A: Yes. If you still think you have ample time to prepare for the exams. Then you are creating a false hope within yourselves. Your competitor will be one step ahead of you , if you still shelve your preparations for a later time. So Don’t wait further start immediately.


Q2. Should I concentrate on all the topics to clear the exams ?

A: No. It’s not the hard work that will fetch you the results but the smart work. First , find in which section you are strong and more efficient. Then decide in which area you have to develop to clear the exams. You have to give equal importance to all the sections , since you have to clear each section individually. 


Q3. I haven’t cleared the previous exams , Will I be able to crack IBPS PO 2017 ?

A : Absolutely you can clear the exams if you start your groundwork from now onwards. Do remember , Rome was not built in a single day. So consistent preparation will help you to attain it.


Q4. When should I apply for the IBPS PO 2017 exam ?

A: Since the exam is slated to happen at the beginning of October , you can expect the process to start in the latter part of august or in the beginning of September. Have a keen eye on the IBPS portal or in our website (Bankersdaily.in) to know about it.


Q5. What would be the expected cutoff for the prelims ?

A: Please check the previous year cutoff marks as it would be give you an exact idea of what you can expect this year. Do note that the level of difficulty will be definitely high from the previous year.


Q6. The level of difficulty is high , Will I be able to solve those questions ?

A: The difficulty level is high but that doesn’t mean that it cannot be solved. Constant practice along with time management will help you to crack the exams. Also practice a method which would be faster to solve a given problem rather than conventional methods. Those conventional methods will take your time and you may not find time to attend other questions. So the more faster your method , the more time you may get to attend other questions.


Q7. What are the topics which I have to take extra care while preparing ?

A: Everyone may not know all the concepts and if they do , they are exceptional. The percentage of those will be a meager. So assess yourselves and find the section in which you are lagging and prepare accordingly.


Q8. Where can I find materials to study for the exams ?

A: You can find useful information for your preparations from our website itself. We do post questions ranging from different sections with various difficulty level on our website regularly.


Q9. When can I expect the results of the IBPS PO 2017 ?

A: Since the Mains exam is slated to be happening at 26th November 2017. You can expect the results in the first or the second week of November.


Q10. I don’t know some concepts and I’m finding it hard to learn. What should I do ?

A: Do get help from you friends or find materials to learn those things easily. One cannot learn everything on their , some exceptions are there which should be learned from other who are the pioneered in it. A fine example would be Devasena ( yes the character from the baahubali movie ) who tries to master the art of releasing more arrows from the bow and terribly fails in it , even though she practices it multiple times. Later she learns the trick from Baahubali. Even though we practice a concept many times , a good mentor could teach it to us immediately.

We hope you will not waste further time and start your preparations from now onwards.

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