WORD GIMMICKS for your Vocabulary Improvement

(prepared by Mr.Gopalakrishnan specially for SBI PO Exam)


A doctor but the idea became sick with time.

A pilot but the proposal could not take off on time. 

A tailor but my father told me that I would not suit the job.

A potter but the situation was muddy.

A teacher but my mother raised her voice against it.

An actor but the stage was improper.

A conductor but wrong whistle came from my brother.

A driver but my friend applied the brakes.

A petrol bunk owner but my father fumed against it.

A cricketer but my mother batted against it.

A cardiologist but my parents’ hearts were somewhere else.

A sailor but there prevailed a rough financial weather at that time.

A chess master but my headmaster put a check against it.

A hotel owner but my mother did not relish it.

A carpenter but at that time I was at woods.

A radiologist but invisible forces acted against me.

A soldier but the idea was shot down by my wife.

A Goldsmith but the golden chance was missed.

A politician but my friends in alliance toppled the chance.

A statistician but my calculations somewhat misfired.

A mathematician but the roots of the idea became irrational.

A civil engineer but the foundation got shattered.

A poet but it did not rhyme with my near and dear.

A magician but the idea suddenly turned into a dream.

A traffic police but my close relatives showed the stop signal