Accept the Results and Fire your Preparations for the IBPS Clerk 2017

Dear Bankersdaily Aspirant,

The exams are getting over one by one continuously and other exams which are important are getting added to the exam calendar. So the IBPS PO 2017 Preliminary Examination 2017 results were released a week back and the score card of the IBPS PO 2017 Preliminary Examinations were released a few days back and many of you had disappointments about your results. Once an event is over, you cannot change it back, it’s the worldly saying and nothing can be done and what happened is true but one thing can be determined to a certain extent, the future not as a whole but as said , to some extent.

Check the score card of the IBPS PO Preliminary Examination 2017 which was released the previous week from the link given below.

IBPS PO Result 2017 – Prelims Exam

So if your IBPS PO 2017 results are not as you thought, you should not be worried, rather you should concentrate more on the next exam which happens to be IBPS Clerk 2017 and RBI Assistant 2017. Nothing can happen with turning the minds back to the past thinking that exam could have been done better, you can think but cannot change the reality right. So move on and start your vigorous preparations for the above said exams.

Today being the Children’s Day , lets take ourselves back to the time where preparations were not a tough task and we were growing and learning from the mistakes we have done. Everybody is not a “Einstein” or “Newton” to find and invent and win everything rather we have been constant learners from our failures and moreover we tried everything apart from the win. In our days, winning or loosing doesn’t matter rather participation matters, this is the one thing which gave boost to our studies and extra curricular activities. But due to the sudden changes and heavy competition the world is not the same as we were in the childhood and yes it developed a lot and you have to grow with it too. Learn from everything and they teach us a lot.

We are in a race which can lead to the success and moreover it is our wish to participate and to become a better one among the others. We don’t win suddenly and others take some time to win, but the ultimate aim is to win the one in which we are participating. Scheduling is very important and timing is more important than others and you should believe yourselves and you will win over it. Even in the toughest situation, just remember you can do anything with constant hard work and perseverance.

But before that you need to know and analyze something which could cater to the betterment in the forthcoming exams. There are four possibilities in which your results have turned the other way of your thoughts. They are simple, yet we try to sort it down because a well said one should include everything.


  • Scored less than the cutoff  in Quantitative Aptitude
  • Scored less than the prescribed cutoff in Reasoning Ability
  • Scored less than the Prescribed cutoff in English Language
  • Missed to accomplish the overall cutoff marks in less margin

Apart from all these possibilities one more can be added but that purely belongs to the beginners in the exam circle and it is not getting the required cutoff marks in all the sections which absolutely don’t make it to the overall cutoff marks. But this condition as we said is for novice Banking Aspirants.

So what can be done after all these difficulties, the answer can be simple in the writing but the hard work and efforts made by the aspirants is immense and inspite of that there is some mismatch and we don’t get the required results. We can totally give the credits of the not positive results to the changing exam pattern and the increase in the difficulty level of the exams. They contribute to these conditions more and majorly the unpredictability which caters to the major four issues. A well prepared candidate get really worried when they see more puzzles and seating arrangement in the reasoning section (This time, one of the slots had more puzzles and seating arrangement questions in the reasoning section).

As we always say be prepared for anything and at the last the worst but in reality it is difficult to turn the pages of the aftermath of the results and that should be changed. There are exams in the forthcoming days and you cannot have the liberty of whiling away the time by increasingly thinking and researching about the previous exams but more concentrate on the forthcoming exams because efforts have to get a result.

If by any chance if you have fallen in the above 4 possibilities then this is for you aspirants. Research more in the new topics and learn the nuances and tricks of those topics in the particular section. If you have not crossed to the next section by a small margin then you should evaluate that topic more and learn additional topics in that section in particular.

Never leave any topics unturned because in the recently held exams, aspirants are evaluated for all the topics irrespective of the difficulty level and precious year questions and other criteria. Learn all the tricks of the trade, so that even if there is any topic which is asked in the new pattern, you can choose to attend the other questions which will absolutely save your efforts. It’s finally time to venture into the new pattern questions and to master it, so that you will come out as winner in the forthcoming exams.

As we always say, the victory is not sidelined but it just moved and we can achieve that in the days to come with consistent performance in the exams and showing our progress. Your victory is just an effort away and you have to fire your preparations now to get the best results.

You would definitely know that there will be more competition in terms of numbers and difficulty level in the IBPS clerk and RBI assistant than the IBPS PO 2017, so the competition is getting intense and we have to start preparing for that too.

From now on give daily tests which will be a good basement for your preparations, also the preliminary exam is only 15 days away from this day. So doing a test daily will help you have the competitive mind and also gives you the continuity to overthrow the boredom of reading too many new patterns. Remember a saying which goes like “If you want to be seen, you have to come out to existence first”. The above said step is the way to getting yourself accustomed to the exam situation and also note you have to make a slight modification to your strategy, since the possibilities has ruined a wonderful opportunity of us writing the next phases in the IBPS PO 2017.

Have  a clear cut importance for the questions which fetch you the maximum marks and always focus on the subject which you attempt good. Every other decision today you take today will save your preparations from further uncertainties. Let all the endeavors which you wish and put efforts become a success, don’t always think about the past rather prepare with full efficiency and achieve what you have dreamt of.

You can also check the last year questions asked and it can be downloaded from the link given below.

IBPS Clerk prelims Previous year Question Papers Download

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You can alternaltely check the review of the IBPS RRB Office Assistant Mains Examination to know the various new pattern questions asked in the exams. Check the same in the link given below.

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You can also check the IBPS Clerk Planner 2017 which is being updated daily with questions from all the topics, so prepare with this planner daily and never miss the topics.

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