Aptitude Miscellaneous Set – 11

1) Three fifth of an item was sold at a profit of 6% and the remaining at a loss of 3%. If the net profit due to these transactions was Rs.600 then what is the cost of the item?

a) Rs.30000

b) Rs.25000

c) Rs.15000

d) Rs.28000

e) None of these

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b) Rs.25000

Let the CP of the item be Rs.x



2) Vasu and  Basu together can complete a piece of work in 12 days and Basu and Aishu together in 15 days. If Vasu is twice as good a workman as Aishu, then in how many days will Basu alone can complete the same work?

a) 15

b) 20

c) 25

d) 13

e) None of these

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b) 20

Let , one day’s work of Vasu, Basu and Aishu be a, b and c respectively.

Given that a+ b ———(I)

b+ c ———————-(II)

And a = 2c ——————-(III)

Now, Substitute the value of a from equation

(III), in equation (I),

2c+b ———————(IV)

On solving equation (IV) and (II),

2c + 2b

2c + b


Hence Basu alone can complete the work in 20 days.

3) Amitab’s present age is five times of Abhishek’s present age. 6 years hence the age of Amitab will become 6 more than 2 times of the age of Abhishek. The total age of Amitab and Abhishek is?

a) 19

b) 25

c) 20

d) 24

e) None of these

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d) 24

Let as consider, Abhishek age=x

Amitab age=5x




Abhishek age x=4

Amitab age=5(4)=20

Total age=4+20=24

4) Rana invested 30% more than Prabhas. Prabhas invested 20% less than Anushka. If the total sum of their investment is Rs.56800. Find the amount invested by Prabhas?

a) Rs.18500

b) Rs. 15500

c) Rs. 16000

d) Rs.17000

e) None of these

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c) Rs. 16000

Let us consider,

Investment of Anushka=100

Prabhas investment =80


Total investment of all the three persons=100+80+104=284

Total investment=56800

Investment of Prabhas=


5) A reduction of 25% in the price of sugar enables to get 8 kg more of sugar for Rs. 192. What is the initial price of per Kg sugar?

a) Rs. 8

b) Rs. 6

c) Rs. 10

d) Rs. 12

e) Rs. 9

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a) Rs. 8

Let the initial price of sugar per Kg is x Rs.

6) Mr. Durjoy Dutta, the renowned author, recently got his new novel released. To his utter dismay, he found that for the 536 pages on an average there were four mistakes every page. While, in the first 286 pages there were only 394 mistakes, they seemed to increase for the latter pages. Find the average number of mistakes per page for the remaining pages.

a) 6

b) 5

c) 7

d) 4

e) None of these

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c) 7

Let the average no. of mistakes be x for remaining (536-286)=250 pages

7) A certain men can finish a piece of work in 85 days. If however there were 20 men more, it would have taken 17 days lesser than the original time to finish the work. How many men were there originally?

a) 60

b) 75

c) 80

d) 95

e) 70

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c) 80

Let x be the number of men initially.

8) Two trains start at the same time from M and N and proceed towards N and M at 46 km/hr and 34 km/hr, respectively. When they meet it, it is found that one train has moved 144 km more than the other. Then the distance between M and N is

a) 912 km

b) 960 km

c) 1024 km

d) 978 km

e) Can’t be determined

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b) 960 km

Let each train travel for x hrs

1st train covers 46x km

2nd train covers 34x km

Difference between them 46x-34x=144

X= 12 hrs.

Total distance (D) = Relative.speed×time = (46+34)×12 = 960km

9) If the compound interest accrued on an amount for 2 years at the rate 15% pa is Rs.3870, then find the simple interest earned on the same amount at a rate of 1% pm for 3 years.

a) Rs. 360

b) Rs. 720

c) Rs. 450

d) Rs. 940

e) None of these

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a) Rs. 360

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