The day is here finally. Every banking aspirant has been toiling hard practicing numerous problems, analyzing their reasoning skills, improving and learning new vocabularies, racing against the ticking clock for this beautiful day.

This is an important day, YES the day of your exam.

Think this as the exam that could lead you to your watershed moment of your life. Your strength, your knowledge and your ability must be leading you to the steps of success that you had always dreamed of. Believe us nothing tastes best other than a sip of success in your career and the moment of happiness that you feel after completing your exam with much satisfaction.

But for all this to happen and to taste success one thing is very important. Other than your never give up attitude, hard work skills, intelligence, one most crucial thing is important on an exam day.

Remember, The IBPS PO exam is going to be a battle of emotions especially of fear.

 This is a day on which you have to set aside all emotions and focus only on the goal you have been holding for a long time. You can feel the butterflies in your bellies with fear and anxiety closely inching towards your confidence. But let them overpower you.

Our emotions always take the front seat taking our mind’s control however powerful our reasoning and intelligence may be. If we don’t keep our emotions under control everything we have toiled so far with our intelligence and skills may get veiled by some silly negative emotions.

Fear is a stimulant that clings to our minds before every exam making us doubting our skills, rising hear beats, faster breathing rate making us feel uncomfortable. Fear is an emotion which determines our success at higher levels. If we overcome this fear we can easily overcome any hard exam.

Remember the plethora of mock tests you have attended without doubting your analytical skills and with much determination. We do not feel the butterflies in our bellies during the mock test. Remember why? Because you know these tests do not determine your IBPS PO success. They are only mock tests. But when it comes to the real thing we fear a lot.

Keeping your nerves under control will bring you a lot more confidence than fearing. You have given it all for the preparation of this exam and there is only You and the Questions of the exam. Your performance will only matter not your fears.

Look around you in this beautiful morning. The skies have risen giving their beautiful colors to the rising world to mark a great day. Birds leave their nest hoping to return in the evenings. Everyone begins their work hoping for a wonderful. Fear only spoils this beautiful which you can overcome by breaking the ice with your performance writing the first page of your success story.

There are many cricketers in this world. But why MS Dhoni is revered as “Captain Cool” bringing laurels India has long dreamed of. Many cricketers possess the same skill as him some even more, but what made him the best captain. It is his ability to perform at the bigger stage, setting aside all the negativities, striding only towards victory, keeping his nerves never giving into the pressures and never giving himself the OVERCONFIDENCE that many others missed to take.

Usain Bolt couldn’t have triumphed all those medals if he had the pressure and overpowering fear in his mind. The mind is deeper, stronger and must be far more constant.

Ready all the necessary things before starting for the exam. Go for a morning walk and hear the nature’s sound which would relieve you of all the exam pressures. Have a simple meal and start for your exam with your mind brimming with confidence much ahead of the exam time to avoid last minute hassles. Follow the instructions given in the exam hall ticket. Be calm and composed minutes before the exam while sitting in front of those glowing monitors. And when the exam starts remember to give your best shot clearly understanding the questions, correctly selecting the right answers without feeling any pressure. Finish the exam and remember there is a beautiful day to enjoy after the exam. After all you need a break finishing the exam that is going to decide you first page of victory.

“End? No the Jourey doesn’t end here” as JRR Tolkien wrote in his Lord of the Rings book. There are other exams to prepare after this exam day.


Go write the exam with all your confidence and let this be your winning moment. May this bring along the success you have been waiting all long. All the Best.

Let this be the day where you say “YES I DID” instead of “YES I CAN”.

You can find the updates about the exam in our website regularly after the exam and also you can find the questions asked in the exam from b=various topics in the IBPS PO preliminary examination 2017. All the slot reviews will be updated and you can also find the collated list in this post.

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