How to Clear Bank Exams : Story 9

Dear Bankersdaily Aspirant,

Clearing Bank Exams needs In-depth Analysis of questions asked in Exams. The Exam pattern is changing (Not a Big Change, but Considerable Effect) for Each Exam.

For Example, In SBI PO Prelims 2017, Everyone have expected 10 Spotting Errors but instead,  Phrase Replacement//Sentence Rearrangement Questions were asked.

Changes in Examination over Last Year in Bank Examination:

  1. In Quadratic equations, New Pattern questions were asked. Instead of considering only Algebra questions, we have got questions based on Quantity I and Quantity II.

For Example:

Q.1) Quantity 1: P and Q are two partners and they have invested Rs. 42,000 and Rs. 70,000 in business. After one year P received Rs 1200 as his share of profit out of total profit of Rs. 4200 including his certain commission on total profit since he is a working partner and rest profit is received by Q. What is the commission of P as a percentage of the total profit?

Quantity 2: Cost Price of two mobiles is same. One is sold at a profit of 20% and the other for Rs. 520 more than the first. If the net profit is 40%. Find the cost price of each mobile

  1. a) Quantity 1 ≥ Quantity 2
  2. b) Quantity 1 = Quantity 2 (or) No relation
  3. c) Quantity 1 > Quantity 2
  4. d) Quantity 1 ≤ Quantity 2
  5. e) Quantity 1 < Quantity 2


Quantity 1:

Ratio of profit of P: Q = 42000 : 70000
=3 : 5
Now the share of profit of Q = 4200 – 1200 = Rs. 3000
So the share of profit p  = Rs. 1800
So the commission of p = 3000 – 1800 = 1200

Quantity 2:

CP of each mobile be Rs x
(2 × 1.20 × x) + 520 = 2 ×1.4
0.4 x= 520
x= 1300

Hence Quantity 1< Quantity 2

2. In Coding- Decoding, instead of Judging a code word from the given directions, Pattern Based Coding-Decoding were asked.


In a certain coded language,

‘Watched pot never boil’ is coded as ‘^12o’ ‘+10i’   ‘*6g’  $14w’,

‘Accidents will happen’ is coded as ‘%18m’  ‘!18h’  ‘$12o’,

‘All things must power’ is coded as ‘*10i’  ‘>12g’  ‘@18h’  ‘!6o’,

‘New is travel faster’ is coded as ‘€18i’  ‘@18o’  ‘&6h’  ‘+6d’.

What is the code “@10v” represents in the above method?

a) Trick

b) Trave

c) Tires

d) Tried

e) Cannot be determined


Watched – $14w

$ Symbol – first letter ‘w’

Number 14 – total number (7) * 2 = 14

Letter W – Last letter in the word is ‘d’

‘d’ is fourth from left, so 4th letter from right end is w.

Symbol represents:

W – $,          p – *, N – +, B – , A – !, h – %, T – @ m – > , I – &, F –

If total letters in the word

= 7, 5, 9 and 3 – multiplying by 2

= 4, 6, 2 – multiply by 3

3. The major and Shocking change is happened in Syllogism. In syllogism, the usual Method of asking questions is  Statements will be given and we nee give correct conclusion from the answer option.

But in the Exam, Major change is , they have reversed the Pattern. Instead Statements followed by Conclusion, Conclusion followed by Statements were asked.


In Each group of questions below there are three Conclusions followed by a set of Statements. You have to choose the correct set of statements that logically satisfies the given conclusions. Given statements are true even if they seem to be at variance from commonly Known facts. (Consider all the conclusions are true)

Conclusions: Some rats are not dogs. All horse being cats is a

Possibility. Some horses are dogs.

(a) Statements: No rat is cat. all rats are bats. no rat is dogs. no horse is dog.

(b) Statements: All rats are cats. all bats are rats. no rat is dog. some cats are horse.

(c) Statements: Some cats are rats. all rats are bats. all horses are cat. some horses are dogs.

(d) Statements: Some cats are rat. all rats are bats. no rats are dogs. all dogs are horses.

(e) None of these.

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