How to Clear bank exam : Story 5

Don’t Loose your Concentration

Remove distractions while you study. One way to make the practice of studying more manageable is if you set up a routine of removing all distractions from your study space. Looking at your phone or computer will break your focus and ability to study well. Make sure that you put all of your electronics away and that you are working in a space that will help you focus. For example, there should be no televisions or distractions in the background.

Study in different spaces. New research is showing that people retain more information if they study in different locations. You will be able to focus better when you change your scenery because it keeps your alert. For example, you can move from one room in your house to another when you find yourself losing momentum.

Try to go to spaces that have a different feel. For example, you might want to switch between rooms painted different colors and/or with different lighting.

Reframe your mindset when you feel bored. Consider the things you could learn from studying this material, and focus on the positive rather than dwelling on your feelings of boredom. Think about the potential ways you could apply this information to your life or find it useful.

Psych yourself down. When we get ready for a test either by studying or taking the test, oftentimes we tense up by instinct. Oftentimes tensing up is a habit we have had for years, and it makes studying or taking a test more difficult than it needs to be. This is because we become overly aroused by our nervousness, and it makes it harder to concentrate on what we need to do. To combat this negative instinct, try these simple techniques to help you to relax:


Tense up your muscles briefly and then release. Tense all of your muscles, for example, close your eyes tight, raise your toes up, clench your fists, tense your legs, clench your buttocks, etc. Breathe in a deep breath, and hold it in for a few seconds while your body remains tense. After about 5 seconds, let go all at once, and enjoy the sensation of releasing your built up tension.


Close your eyes and concentrate on the tip of your nose with your eyes. Pay attention to your breathing. Notice how the breath that you breathe in is cooler and the breathe you breath out warmer. Continue breathing in and out and maintaining your focus on your nose until you calm down.

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