How to Clear Bank Exams : Story 8

There is a saying that nothing is ours except time; and when it comes to time management tips for Bank exams students, it is actually true. But before i tell you how to increase your speed and accuracy while preparing for, and giving bank exams, let me make one thing clear
–time management is a wrong concept.
–you don’t manage time, you manage the events (or the activities you do in a day) in relation to the time.
Here are few of the best strategies you will ever find on the subject:

Write your schedule
As you become aware of your exam dates, write the time slots when you can study. Ideally, these blocks should be about 50 minutes each, with 10 minutes of rest time afterwards.


Dedicate a special place to study

Find the best place to study where there is no distraction of cell phones, television, radio, or other people. Also, have a backup place like a library or back of a coffee shop you can escape to whenever you need a change in scenery.

List all the subjects you want to study; and break them into topics you want to go through in any given day or week. Prioritized studying schedules allow time for recreational activities. Ignoring spare time while studying can make you unhappy over a period of time.

Experts recommend planning in advance to improve studying routines. You may write your schedule or use electronic planners, mobile alarms, pocket diaries or wall charts, etc., to remind yourself of what all you need to achieve in a day.

Organise your place
Too much clutter around the place where you want to study will make your mind get affected by it. The best way out is to keep only those books and notes around that you feel you will need in near future. Stock everything else in a neat pile in an easily accessible cupboard.

Sleep for at least 7-8 hours

Some students think sacrificing a few hours of sleep everyday is a good way to study. However, that is not the case. Our body demands complete rest in order to work as its full potential. Mind, when tired can not help to increase productivity. It would, on the other hand, make it difficult to concentrate. Don’t underestimate the value of a good night’s sleep.

Never let your vision go

Whenever you study, remind yourself everyday, why are you in it. Remember the big picture of you following the tricks for bank exams and visualize yourself actually clearing both the exams and the interview. At the end of the day, the positive attitude matters.

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