Computer Knowledge Quiz – set 94

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                                  You have preparing for competitive exams. Computer Knowledge  Quiz is one of the most important topic for Banking Exam. Bankers daily Provided daily Computer Knowledge Quiz. It is very useful for all competitive exam.
1) Grammar of the programming is checked at which phase of compiler?

a) Semantic analysis

b) Syntax analysis

c) Code generation

d) Code optimization

e) None of these

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2) End to End connectivity is provided from which of the following layer?

a) Network layer

b) Session layer

c) Transport layer

d) Data link layer

e) None of these

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3) Which key launched the start button?

a) Windows

b) Esc

c) Shift

d) Function key

e) Num lock

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4) In which generation of computer, Integrated Circuit was introduced?

a) First Generation

b) Second Generation

c) Third Generation

d) Fourth generation

e) Fifth Generation

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5) A computer professional who writes and tests software are called a 

a) hardware consultant

b) librarian

c) hardware consultant

d) computer operator

e) data entry operator

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6) JPEG stands for – 

a) Joint Photographic Expert group

b) Joint Photographic Expert graphics

c) Join Photographic Expert group

d) Join Photographic Expert graphics

e) None of these

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7) Which function key is used to refresh the current window?

a) F1

b) F5

c) F3

d) F6

e) F4

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8) Which of the following is the first graphical web browser?

a) MSN

b) Mozilla

c) Chrome

d) Mosaic

e) Internet explorer

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9) What is called the sharing of a medium and its path by 2 or more devices?

a) Multiplexing

b) Multiprocessing

c) Multi-operating

d) Multitasking

e) Multisharing

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10) What is called, a concentric circle on a disk?

a) Sector

b) Track

c) Section

d) Arc

e) Directory

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