Computer Knowledge Quiz – set 90

1) Laser printer is a type of ?

a) Impact printing

b) Non impact printing

c) Both of above

d) None of above

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2. Tiny droplets of coloured ink and nozzle is associated with ?

a) Dot matrix

b) Laser Printer

c) Inkjet printer

d) Daisy wheel printer

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3. Which among following is associated with monitor ?

a) CRT

b) ALU

c) CU

d) ARU

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4. What is full form of LCD ?

a) Liquid catalouge display

b) Liquid crystal display

c) Liquid crystal data

d) Liquid code display

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5. Range of colors depends on ?

a) Number of bits code lines with each pixel

b) Number of bits associated with each pixel

c) Number of instructions associated with each pixel

d )Number of code associated with each pixel

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6. Which parameter defines number of times electron beam scans screen in a second ?

a) Data transfer rate

b) Refresh rate

c) Pitch rate

d) Parity rate

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7. Which among following are used for printing big charts, drawings, maps and 3 dimensional illustrations specially for architectural and designing purposes ?

a) Mouse

b) Printers

c) Plotters

d) Speakers

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8.Which among the following is NOT a search engine?
a) Google
b) Baidu
c) Wolfram Alfa
d) Yahoo

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9. Which among the following has been standardized in the IEEE 802.3 specification?
a) Bluetooth

b) Ethernet

c) WiMAX
d) All of them

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10. The communication mode that supports data in both directions

a) simplex

b) half duplex

c) duplex

d) multiplex

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