Hi Bankersdaily Aspirants,

As we all know,NABARD and SSC exams dates are announced,we have to prepare well for these exams.As you all know aptitude topic consumes time in Miscellaneous topic, Inorder to all these exams today we are going to learn a shortcut method in Ratio sums.

Solve in 30 Seconds:

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Total Quantity=(5+3)²/(5²-3²)*Removed Quantity of Liquid A =8²/(25-9) * 10 =64/16 *10 =40 Litres


This Short cut Method will be used only when Original Ratio and the Ratio after removing Some Quantity are Reversed.

In this Example we had Mulltiplied with Removed Quantity of Liquid A Because After Removal Quantity B is added,If After Removal Quantity A is Added then,we have to Multiply with Removed Quantity of B.