CRACK IBPS Clerk Prelims – Simple Interest Day 40

Q.1) Ratio of rates of simple interest for schemes A and B is 3:4 and the Ratio of sums invested in Schemes A and B is 5:12.If interest earned is same for both the schemes then find ratio of investment period

a) 15:6

b) 12:7

c) 16:5

d) 12:3

e) 13:12

Q.2) Raja invested in the following schemes. In which of the following schemes, total amount received is maximum?

a) P=Rs 8000 R=12% p.a. N=5 years

b) P=Rs 10000 R=2% p.a. N=5 years

c) P=Rs 6000 R=5% p.a. N=8 years

d) P=Rs 9000 R=10% p.a. N=3 years

e) P=Rs 8500 R=10% p.a. N=4 years

Q.3) Renu lent a certain sum of money (x) to Raja at R% p.a. simple interest for 5 years . She also lent (x+2000) to Vijay at 3R% p.a. SI for 5 years. Ratio between the interests earned from the sums lent to Raja and vijay is 5:21. Find the sum lent at R%

a) Rs 4000

b) Rs 6000

c) Rs 8000

d) Rs 5000

e) Rs 3400

Q.4) Siva invested Rs 9000 at (R/2)% p.a. SI for 8 years and Rs 12000 at R% p.a. SI for 5 years. Difference between the interests earned from above two cases is Rs 2160. Find the rate of interest (R%)

a) 8%

b) 4%

c) 5%

d) 9%

e) 12%

Q.5) Saravana borrowed a certain sum from Arun at 10% p.a. for 8 years. He borrowed another sum from Vijay at 5% p.a. for half a decade. Difference between interest paid back by saravana to Arun and Vijay is Rs 8400. Find the sum borrowed by saravana from Vijay

a) Rs 3400

b) Rs 8900

c) Rs 12000

d) Rs 12400

e) Can’t be determined

Q.6) Raja lent total sum of Rs 8000. One part at 5% p.a. SI for 6 years, another part at 8% p.a. SI for 4 years and the total interest earned by Raja is equal to the total amount earned by Vijay when he invested Rs 2000 at 11.75% for 2 years. Find the sum invested at 5%

a) Rs 4000

b) Rs 3500

c) RS 4500

d) Rs 5600

e) None of these

Q.7) Deepika invested Rs 10000 at 12% p.a. SI for 3 years. She also invested Rs 12000 at 8% pa SI for 2 years. After that, she invested the total amount which was received from the above two cases at R% p.a. for 8 years and she earned an interest of Rs 11008. Find R

a) 4%

b) 5%

c) 6%

d) 7%

e) 8%

Q.8) Simple interest on a certain sum for 4 years is Rs 500. For the next 4 years the principal is tripled. What will be the total interest earned at the end of the 8th year?

a) Rs 1500

b) Rs 3000

c) Rs 2000

d) Rs 800

e) RS 1200

Q.9) A sum was placed at SI at certain rate for 3 years. Had it been placed at 2% higher rate, it would have fetched Rs 30 more. Find the sum

a) Rs 500

b) Rs 400

c) Rs 350

d) Rs 250

e) Rs 100

Q.10) Viswa borrowed Rs 1000 at 5%pa SI and Rs 800 at 5 ½ % pa SI on the agreement that the whole sum will be returned only when the total interest becomes Rs 376. Number of years after which the borrowed sum is to be returned is?

a) 8

b) 9

c) 5

d) 4

e) 3


Q.1) c



Q.2) a

a) P=Rs 8000 R=12% p.a N=5 years total=Rs 12800

b) P=Rs 10000 R=2% p.a N=5 years total=Rs 11,000

c) P=Rs 6000 R=5% p.a N=8 years total=Rs 8400

d) P=Rs 9000 R=10% p.a N=3 years Total=Rs 11700

e) P=Rs 8500 R=10% p.a N=4 years total= Rs 11900

Q.3)  d


X=Rs 5000

Q.4) d

12000×R×5/100-9000× R/2×8/100=2160


Q.5) e

Can’t be determined as data inadequate

Q.6) c


X=Rs 4500

Q.7) b

[(10000×12×3/100+10000)+(12000×8×2/100+12000) ]×8×R/100=11008


Q.8) c

Total interest=500+(500×3)=2000

Q.9) a

Sum=(Diff in interest×100)/(Time ×Diff in Rate)=30×100/(3×2)=500

Q.10) d

1000×5× x/100+800×11/2×x/100=376


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