CRACK IBPS PO : Spotting Errors Day 20

1. She insists (a) / you stay (b) / until her husband (c) / comes home? (d) / no error (e)

2. I asked the salesman (a) / if I could exchange (b) / the faulty camera (c) / with another one (d) / no error (e)

3. As you know (a) / by my visiting card (b) / I am now (c) / in Mumbai (d) / no error (e)

4. It is more better (a) / if one of the parents (b) / stays at home (c) / to look after the children (d) / no error (e)

5. I don’t understand (a) / how she could (b) / treat him (c) / so bad (d) / no error (e)

6. It took me (a) / almost a hour (b) / to fill the (c) / application form (d) / no error (e)

7. I answered (a) / the questions (b) / as best as (c) / I could (d) / no error (e)

8. These reports have (a) / deterred some (b) / women to have (c) / the operation (d) / no error (e)

9. At my arrival (a) / in Delhi, (b) / I went straight (c) / to the nearest hospital (d) / no error (e)

10. With a fresh coat (a) / of paint, (b) / the school can (c) / look much nice (d) / no error (e)

Answer Key With Explanations:

1. (a) As it is a question. It should begin with ‘Does she insist that’.

2. (d) ‘For’ should replace ‘with’ in this sentence. It would also be better to replace ‘one’ with ‘camera’ to avoid the impression that one faulty camera is to be exchanged for another faulty camera.

3. (b) The wrong preposition is used. It should be ‘from’ in place of ‘by’.

4. (a) ‘More better’ is a wrong usage as two comparatives are used. Simply ‘better’ will do.

5. (d) It should be ‘badly’ (adv.) and not ‘bad’ (adj.) Though in present-day colloquial usage, ‘bad’ is increasingly used as both adjective and adverb, this is grammatically incorrect.

6. (b) ‘Hour’ should be preceded by ‘an’ as ‘hour’ is pronounced with a vowel sound.

7. (e) Though you may wonder how ‘best’ can be used in this form, it is a special usage that is correct; ‘as best as’ means ‘as well as’.

8. (c) One is deterred ‘from’ doing something. It should be ‘from having’ in place of ‘to have’.

9. (a) ‘On my arrival’ is the correct form.

10. (d) To convey the comparative sense of ‘better than it is’ we need to use ‘more nice’ or ‘much nicer’ not ‘much nice’ or we could just simply leave out ‘much’

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